Andronis Gastronomy στην Σαντορίνη για 3η χρονιά !!!


Ο όμιλος Andronis Exclusive με πίστη και αφοσίωση στη δημιουργία εμπειριών κορυφαίας ποιότητας και αισθητικής, διοργανώνει για 3η συνεχή χρονιά το γαστρονομικό φεστιβάλ- Andronis Gastronomy, τιμώντας παράλληλα την ανάδειξη της Περιφέρειας Νοτίου Αιγαίου ως γαστρονομική πρωτεύουσα της Ευρώπης.

Από τις 27 Ιουνίου έως τις 26 Σεπτεμβρίου τα εστιατόρια Lauda Restaurant (Andronis Boutique Hotel, Οία), Lycabettus Restaurant (Andronis Luxury Suites, Οία), Throubi Restaurant (Andronis Concept, Ημεροβίγλι) θα φιλοξενήσουν 10 καταξιωμένους Έλληνες και διεθνείς σεφ, βραβευμένους με αστέρια Michelin και Χρυσούς Σκούφους, σε ένα ταξίδι γεύσεων και εικόνων που θα συναρπάσει.

Το πρόγραμμα
Ημερομηνία Chef Πληροφορίες Τοποθεσία
27-28 .06 .2017 Sergio Bastard Comas Sergio Bastard – a numerous times awarded chef takes cooking close to his heart. Lifestyle inspired, his nature-based cuisine is both bold yet delicate. Known also for his hands on approach to prepare and serve dishes on his degustation menu himself as well as coming out to explain the inspiration behind each of his creations. Lycabettus Logo
6-7 .07 .2017 Hervé Deville Hervé is the executive chef of two Michelin starred restaurant of Pierre Gagnaire’s “Sketch” in prestigious Mayfair, London. Hervé orchestrated teams in some excellent kitchens in Europe: in Luxembourg, Greece, France, Ireland. Being a chef for him is more than just a profession – it is a pleasure. His philosophy behind his adventurous modern creations is to deliver emotions and being inventive. Lauda Logo
16-17 . 07 . 2017 Arnaud Bignon Ο Arnaud Bignon, διευθυντής δύο εστιατορίων βραβευμένα με αστέρια Michelin, ανατρέπει τους κανόνες στο κλασικό στυλ μαγειρικής της πατρίδας του, Γαλλίας. Υπόσχεται να σας ταξιδέψει σε ένα μερος μαγευτικών γεύσεων! Lycabettus Logo
1-2 .08 .2017 Paolo Casagrande Obsession to work with the best produce offered by nature, sea and seasons, intuitive intelligent work to convey the flavors and to eager palates are the keys for success of three-Michelin star restaurant Lasarte in Barcelona, where Paolo Casagrande is the chef de cuisine. He is characterized by his passion, his depth of commitment, consistency and considerable hard work – and the result is innovative harmonically balanced dishes. Lauda Logo
10-11 .08 .2017 William Mahi A French-Basque chef puts Manila, Philippines on the gastronomic world map. A globetrotter, Mahi has worked his way through top restaurants in France, Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, China, and Luxembourg . He fine tuned his skills near chefs like Alain Ducasse, Nicolas Le Bec, Jean-Francois Piege, Stephane Gaborieau, Christian Tetedoie, Jacques Le Divellec, Helene Darroze and Michel del Burgo. French refined cooking yet generous and earthy has won many hearts – as he puts this tendency: “from fine dining to fun dining”. Lycabettus Logo
17 .08 .2017 Yiannis Parikos Trained by established chefs like Eric Frechon in the three stars restaurant of Hotel Bristol in Paris and Yves Mattagne in the two Michelin starred Sea Grill in Brussels he has been awarded himself several times with Toque d’Or. After ten years at the Water Restaurant he took over the kitchen of the one star Varoulko in Athens. True to the traditions of French gourmet cuisine, Yannis adds to his dishes a subtle Mediterranean hint, masterfully balancing flavors and aromas. Throubi Logo
22-23 .08 .2017 Emmanuel Renaut Emmanuel Renaut is the Chef and founder of Flocons de Sel, the legendary 3 Michelin Starred restaurant of Megève. This village of the Alps of southeastern France is where he invented his incredibly courageous and creative cuisine and his well known tendency to work with wild plants. Flocons de Sel is also a member of the “Grands Chefs” Relais & Châteaux and “Grandes Tables du Monde”. The opportunity to try Chef’s Renault’s cuisine is more than unique. Throubi Logo
29 .08 2017 Spyros Agious Spyros represents a new generation of talented chefs that strive to promote modern Greek cuisine among international gourmands. Original flavor combinations enhanced by seasonal produce, artistic presentation and contemporary techniques constitute the essence of his cooking style. Spyros is expressing his culinary ideas at the Santoro Restaurant of Santorini Grace Hotel. Lauda Logo
13 .09 .2017 Vassilis Mouratidis Vassilis has been awarded several years in a row with a Toque d’Or for his gastronomic work at Danai, which enjoys continuous success. Striving for perfection, he artfully presents bold Mediterranean flavors and ingredients transforming them into delicious well-balanced dishes. Throubi Logo
26 .09 .2017 Oscar Calleja Awarded with the title the Most Outstanding New Chef award at the international gastronomy summit, Madrid Fusión, Oscar Calleja is one of the most critically acclaimed chefs in the gastronomy scene nowadays. He has collaborated with renowned masters such as Juan Mari Arzak, Ferrán Adrià, Dani García, Pedro Larumbe, and Toshiro Konishi. He presents wide spectrum of Spanish, Asian, Mexican flavors in a concept of contemporary cuisine that combines risk-taking experimentation and fresh quality produce. Every dish is a statement of his talent and meticulous technique that leave unforgettable impression on his guests.
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