300,000 additional seats for Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Spain offered by TUI | Schauinsland also approaching


Following the cancellation of all trips by the now bankrupt tour operator FTI, its competitor TUI has significantly increased the number of seats it offers, in particular in FTI’s former core markets of Turkey and Egypt, and to a lesser extent in Greece and Spain, adding a total of around 300,000 additional seats in all four destinations. Schauinsland is also significantly strengthening its airline seats.

The 300,000 additional seats are for the current summer season and include flight and hotel offers, according to TUI’s Communications Director, Aage Dünhaupt. “The focus is on Turkey and Egypt in order to absorb the cancelled quotas in these countries and to develop new trips in cooperation with hoteliers. But we are also applying the same in the case of Spain and Greece, albeit on a smaller scale, as we already have a very high level of contracted hotels in these two countries anyway,” Dünhaupt explains.

Last weekend the first promotion with special rates for hotels in Turkey was already held and more would follow in succession. However, Dünhaupt warns that due to the high demand, FTI customers’ favourite hotels may fill up quickly, so efforts are being made to allocate additional quotas as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Schauinsland Reisen is also working hard to offer additional seats. “In practice, increasing capacity is often a dynamic process when it comes to air travel. Schauinsland also has additional capacity of more than 100,000 seats,” says Oliver Harbring from the tour operator’s corporate communications department. However, as Harbring points out, it remains to be seen which provider will ultimately commit the most seats, as there may be postponements in the coming weeks.

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