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5-year visa for Russian Tourists and businesspeople


Up until recently, Russians could theoretically obtain a visa for 5 years for the Schengen countries, but they practically got a visa for 1 or 2 years.

The updated Visa code implements new measures that have to be complied with by all applicants wishing to obtain a Visa for 5 years. Initially, limitation of stay for 90 days for every 180 calendar days stay. Also, the new code clarifies that multiple Visas can be granted for 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the applicant’s records.

More specifically, the document is valid for 1 year, given that the applicant has used 3 multiple entry Visa for the last 2 years. For a document with a 2-year duration, the applicant has to have used a multiple entry Visa of 1 year during the last 3 years. Finally, for a 5-year Visa, the applicant has to have used a 2-year multiple entry Visa over the last 3 years.

Travel insurance remains compulsory

The new code emphasizes on travel insurance, which is compulsory for all travelers. Absence of travel insurance is reason enough to reject the application for any Schengen countries.

Travel insurance is valid for all Schengen countries and covers duration of stay and transportation. The relevant amount of the travel insurance amounts to 30,000 euros.

Applicants of multiple entry Visas should prove that they have “appropriate and valid medical insurance”.  For EU countries, applicants have to officially state that they have been notified of the necessity of medical insurance both for the first and the following trips to Schengen countries.

Prices for issuance of Visa remain the same for Russians

Visa authorization cannot exceed that of the applicant’s passport. Cost for the issuance remains at 35 euros. Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and some EU countries have simplified procedures for the issuance of Visas. However, in Belarus and Kazakhstan, issuance costs amount to 80 euros.

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