AEGEAN: The least we can do, for those who do everything for us


A new campaign starts, with Aegean Airlines offer 2 round trip tickets, to all the medical staff of Greece.

The air carrier announcement is as follows:

“You donate miles. We triple them.

This is the least we can do together, for those who are currently doing everything they possibly can for us.

Select one or more of the referral hospitals, donate miles for the medical staff and we will triple them.
Our common goal is to offer 2 round trip tickets, to all the medical staff of the 17 referral hospitals in Greece.
So that, when this is over, they can celebrate the return to normality by enjoying with their loved ones a trip to any Greek destination they desire.

MB donation

If you are already a Miles+Bonus member, just login to your account to donate the number of miles you wish. Otherwise, register now to Miles+Bonus and join us in our effort, by donating part of the welcome miles you will receive upon registration! If you have a Basic My Aegean account, just login to upgrade your account, and donate part of the welcome miles you will receive upon registration!

  • Login to your account, or create a new account through your registration to Miles+Bonus, to proceed with the donation, in the relevant donation form
  • You can choose one or more of the 17 referral hospitals, to donate to from the donation form.
  • The minimum number of miles you can donate per hospital is 500 miles and the maximum is 50,000 miles per hospital.
  • Each employee of the referral hospitals will get 20,000 miles, that can be redeemed any way they prefer
  • 20.000 miles equal to 2 round trip tickets for any destination in Greece
  • Miles award to the employees of referral hospitals, will be done in alignment with all hospitals
  • AEGEAN and Miles+Bonus triple the miles you donate automatically upon completion of each donation transaction”
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