Airbnb: Chalandri and Maroussi are popular destinations this summer | Trends in summer travel


Chalandri, Maroussi, but also a surprise island, Donoussa, are among the popular Greek destinations this summer, according to Airbnb users’ searches.

According to data from the well-known platform, the following destinations in Greece have become a trend:

  • Donoussa
  • Chalandri
  • Vasiliki
  • Schisma Elounda
  • Maroussi
  • Lipsi
  • Asprovalta
  • Antiparos
  • Long Gialos
  • Laganas

World sporting events fuel enthusiasm for travel

As the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games approach, visitors from all over the world are trying to secure a front row seat to the event. While Paris is the city with the most Airbnb searches globally this summer, cities like Lille, Versailles and Lyon are popular thanks to the strategic decision to hold the games across France. Listing page views during the Games period are on average 11 times higher in the French host cities and their surroundings compared to last year.

With the European Football Championships kicking off in ten locations across Germany in June, three of the host cities – Dortmund, Munich and Stuttgart – have emerged as popular destinations for visitors worldwide this summer.

Greek families are looking for outdoor spaces and seaside stays

Having more outdoor space is a priority for families this summer, with searches for outdoor amenities such as swimming pools and barbecues increasing by 13.7% for family trips by Greek users.

With amenities such as chef’s kitchens and private outdoor spaces, Airbnb is the preferred option for many families. Almost half of Greek visitors (48%) say being able to fit their whole family into one place is a key factor when booking, according to a recent survey. And 64% say amenities such as kitchens, workspaces and courtyards are important when making bookings.

This summer, Greek families are turning to Airbnb to hike, swim and enjoy incredible views. Some of the top national categories that families are booking in this summer have a central theme of being near water, including Countryside, Beach, Seaside, National Parks and Stunning Views. Here are some of the top national destinations near the water for Greek families this summer:

– New Potidaia
– Serifos
– Golden Beach
– Limeni
– Antiparos
– Gythio
– Samos
– Paleochora
– Ilia
– Asprovalta

Visitors looking for accommodation and game-based experiences

With searches for the Play category up 214% this summer, Greek visitors are looking for stays that are experiences in themselves. The Play Category includes listings with fun-filled options that go beyond the typical amenities, such as basketball courts, game rooms, trampolines, waterslides and more.

Whether it’s a studio with its own climbing wall or a rainforest chalet with waterslides and waterfalls, some of the most beloved listings in the Play Category are perfect for an action-oriented stay:

– Picturesque family castle in the southern Peloponnese, Laconia
– Cretan paradise with stunning views, Daratsos
– Colorful villa near the sea, Sounion
– Luxurious Mansion in a secluded, seaside corner, Styra
– Private villa on the island of Aegina surrounded by nature, Vathi
– Charming townhouse with a small farm, Athens Attica
– Modern villa near the bay of Kyparissia, Kyparissia
– Spacious house in mainland Greece, Nafplion
– Cozy villa for a relaxing getaway near Athens, Penteli
– Lovely villa with sea view, Neos Voutzas

64% of Greek visitors say that traveling through Airbnb provides a closer connection to the local culture than staying in a hotel or resort. Not only are Airbnb’s located in more authentic neighbourhoods, but many of the stays on the platform have an incredible character, offering a taste of local flavours and passions.


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