AllinBlusive: Awarded as World’s Leading Private Cruise Company


This year, the Grand final Gala Ceremony of World Travel Awards’ (WTA) took place in Muscat, Oman where the Greek Shipping Company, AllinBlusive, for one more year, stood out as a leader among the world’s private cruises yachting.

It is a great honour and responsibility of the company, the fact that since 2018 and for the 5th consecutive year, it has been nominated for “World’s Leading Private Cruise Company” by the globally recognized brand World Travel Awards™ .

The World Travel Awards bore AllinBlusive a reputation that affirms its commitment to utmost professionalism, dedication and innovative standards of services. These features define the quality of the company and its mission. Which is to assure the best Private Cruise experience for its guests, beyond an average yacht rental.

Never being complacent, over the years, AllinBlusive aims at expanding into some of the most reputable Greek resorts over the country. For the year 2023, strong bases of the company exist in Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, Mykonos and Kerkyra. At the same time, guests from all over the world have been voting it as their best holiday choice since 2016 consecutively. Therefore, it was awarded with the Travelers’ Choice Award of Tripadvisor.

It is an essential principle of AllinBlusive, to keep high sustainable and environmentally-friendly standards throughout every impact its activities may have on the environment. The team strives for reserving the maximum ecological footprint of their services implementing sustainable upgrades wherever this is applicable. Consequently, such implementations led them to get awarded with the prominent Blue Flag, which keeps waving on the company’s ship masts since 2017 and appointed it as the only yacht rental company along the Mediterranean coast that meets their strict regulations.

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