Photo by Katarina Šikuljak on Unsplash
Photo by Katarina Šikuljak on Unsplash

AMADEUS: Hoteliers invest in technology | Focus on personalised services


Based on the results of the survey, conducted globally among senior hotel industry executives representing a wide range of owner-operated hotels and management teams, 43% will focus on investments to “improve the operational efficiency of hotels during high occupancy periods”.

85% of respondents believe that personalisation could help them achieve over 5% additional revenue.

In general, respondents said they were keen to find ways to expand and improve the services they offer to guests, including the following:

– Special room features 43%
– Increase in room types and value-added amenities 40%
– Personalised on-site experiences 39% 39%
– Personalized amenities for repeat guests 34% 34%
– Last minute offers on rooms 34%
– Experiential stays 33%

An overwhelming 98% of the hoteliers surveyed recognise that AI has the potential to bring significant benefits to their businesses. Almost half of all respondents (49%) hope that AI will be able to help them identify and deliver upselling opportunities to travellers at all stages of the booking process. They also look to AI to help manage data efficiently and create automated content for their websites, suggesting that AI is being considered across a wide range of hotel functions.

When asked about the top priority technologies for their businesses this year, hoteliers cited AI and machine learning along with digital payments and increasing data analytics capabilities. However, this picture is shifting slightly over five years towards the use of augmented reality, chatbots and robots.

The leading technologies with the biggest impact on the hotel industry
2024 2029
1 AI and machine learning Machine learning
2 Digital payments Augmented reality
3 Data analytics AI (e.g. chatbots)
4 Cloud computing Digital payments
5 Self-service technology Robotic process automation


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