An. Metaxas : To our DNA the social contribution | 24,8 million € the group’s offer to our society at 2018.


Basic pillar of business of operation constitutes the social contribution and the sustainability, for Metaxa Hospiltality Group, which published the sustainability report for 2018.

It is the first unified reporting, that captures sustainability actions of the three hotels Group : Creta Maris Beach resort and TUI Magic Life Candia Maris in Crete and Santo Maris luxury Suites & Spa in Santorini, with dynamic 1.203 rooms ( with 396.650 overnight stays in 2008) and 699 employees.

Mr Andrea Metaxas | money and tourism photo

Mr. Andrew Metaxas, the president and CEO of Metaxa Hospitality group said : «We proudly present you the first consolidated account of our group. For all of us the Metaxa Hospitality Group the concept of sustainability is in our DNA.  It is incorporates both throughout the course of our hotels, every day, every second, every minute, as well as in the face of the emerging strategy. I am committed personal that with this way we will continue to be at the future contributing with all our resources to sustainable development. For our people, For our visitors, For our partners-suppliers ,For the society and the environment ».

The general manager of Santo Maris Mr. Manos Borboudakis|money tourism photo

Expressing the philosophy of our group that the maintain sustainable resources, are a fundamental prerequisite for the long-term touristic period and with central message «Operating sustainably create for all value», the account it is structured in five (5) strategic direction: Value for our people. Value for our visitors. Value for our partners-suppliers. Value for the society. Value for the enviroment. The society and the environment. As mention Mr. Metaxas, «…in the pages reports are captured,the feelings, the beliefs, and the individual determination and everyone separately and all of them more than 600 employees of our group in Crete and Santorini. All of them who every day gives their heart in order to offer the unique ones locations of our hotels, authentic experiences enriched with our culture, our customs the history of every place, in terms of sustainability and social responsibility».

And ends up : «I personally pledge that with this way we will continue to move in the future : By create value for our people, the society our visitors, our environment and our partners/suppliers». In numbers…In numbers the sustainability report of the group last year, which operates three luxurious hotels, the Creta Maris Beach resort and Tui Magic life Candia Maris in Crete and Santo Maris luxury Suites & Spa in Santorini, it outlines the following : The social contribution stood up 24,86 millions euros, distributed into 5,99 millions € in the staff, 753 thousands € in public, 3,44 millions € in insurance organizations, 368 thousands € to OTA, and 14,3 millions € in intracompany parameters (investments, depreciation etc.) In 2018 were made available around 2,24 million € for the provision of local products the hotels group, are from the local market in Crete and Santorini.

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