APOLLO AWARDS 2024: These Cyclades hotels were awarded


The ceremony of the APOLLO AWARDS 2024 for the hotels of the Cyclades took place in Santorini.

The event, which was organized by the travel agency DER TOURISTIK NORDIC/APOLLO and DESTINATION TOURISTIC SERVICES (DTS HELLAS), Member of DERTOUR GROUP, was attended, among others, by DER Touristik Nordic/Apollo Commercial Director Nina Hornewall, Contracting/Operating Manager Eastern Europe, Johanna Thors , Concepts Director Jamila Assel, from DTS HELLAS, Member of DERTOUR GROUP the President and Managing Director Greece Yannis Papadakis, & Destination Manager Cyclades Fotis Tzimogiannis.

Also honored with their presence at the event, the President of Thera Hoteliers Mr. Antonis Pagonis with the member of the Board of Directors of the Association Mr. Anthony Iliopoulos, the President of the Municipal Council of Thera Mrs. Georgia Nomiko and the member of the Board of Directors of the organization Geothers Mr. Manolis Kafieris.

The awards were preceded by a presentation of Apollo, which brings most Scandinavians to countries such as Greece, Croatia, UAE etc.

DERTOUR GROUP transports over 9 million travellers every year. Of these, Apollo expects to carry over 500,000 to Greece.

DTS INCOMING HELLAS, a member of the DERTOUR GROUP, was founded in 2014 and is a Joint-Venture of the Papadakis family and the DERTOUR GROUP of REWE GROUP, headed by Yannis Papadakis – President & CEO Greece. As an inbound tourism agency, DTS INCOMING HELLAS offers a wide range of quality services in various markets and annually handles over 1 million travelers, a figure that ranks it among the leading travel agencies. DERTOUR GROUP is active in Central & Eastern Europe as well as in the Scandinavian countries, England, Holland, France etc..

DTS INCOMING HELLAS has its headquarters in Heraklion, Crete and maintains offices in the destinations: Crete (Heraklion, Rethymnon, Chania, Chania, Sitia), Corfu, Rhodes, Kos, Cyclades (Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Ios), Zakynthos, Halkidiki, Athens.

As mentioned in the presentation, the Scandinavians choose the classic tourism model “Sun and sea”, since the sun… is quite inadequate in their countries and it is understandable that they crave it. Thus, our country will always be an attractive destination for them.

The company’s commercial director, Nina Hornewall, pointed out in the presentation that 74% of Scandinavians made a trip in 2023 and this mood seems to be continuing.

The awards

The hotels that received awards in the Cyclades are:

Naxos + Milos + Syros + Paros + Ios + Mykonos + Antiparos      
Category 2 and 2+
Naxos Asteria 2 + 8,7 112 Gold
Category 3
Naxos Katerina 3 9,1 79 Gold
Naxos Harmony 3 8,9 36 Silver
Paros Captain Nicolas 3 8,8 54 Bronze
Category 3+
Naxos Spiros 3 + 9,1 57 Gold
Paros Contaratos Beach 3 + 8,9 33 Silver
Naxos Aeolis Naxos 3 + 8,4 33 Bronze
Category 4
Naxos Naxos Resort 4 8,4 59 Gold
Category 2 and 2+
Santorini Villa Eleftheria 2 + 8,6 55 Gold
Santorini Iris 2 + 8,1 31 Silver
Category 3
Santorini Andreas Hotel 3 8,8 40 Gold
Santorini Polydefkis 3 8,7 105 Silver
Santorini Alesahne Beach 3 8,0 29 Bronze
Category 3+
Santorini Sigalas 3 + 9,1 51 Gold
Santorini Kamari Beach 3 + 8,3 56 Silver
Category 4
Santorini Caldera’s Lilium 4 9,2 41 Gold
Santorini Strogili 4 9,1 26 Silver
Santorini Mar & Mar Crown Hotel & Suites 4 9,1 25 Silver
Santorini Rosebay 4 8,7 35 Bronze
Santorini Santo Miramare Resort 4 8,7 35 Bronze
Category 4+
Santorini Costa Grand Resort & Spa 4 + 9,2 96 Gold
Santorini Aqua Blue 4 + 8,8 42 Silver

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