Are you running at the Athens Authentic Marathon 2018? Earn miles upon finishing your race!


Are you taking part at the Authentic Athens Marathon 2018 on the 11th November 2018? AEGEAN gives you the chance to earn miles!

Simply fill in your Marathon ID and BIB number on the dedicated form and upon completing your race, you will earn:

Marathon Race – 4,200 award miles
10km Road Race – 1,000 award miles
5km Road Race Morning – 500 award miles
5km Road Race Afternoon – 500 award miles

In order to participate, simply log in your Miles+Bonus account using the link below, and you will be redirected to the form where you will have to fill in your Marathon ID or BIB number. The corresponding award miles will be credited to your Miles+Bonus, upon successful completion of your run.

Take part here

Terms and conditions:

  • It is clarified that the miles granted are award miles and not tier miles.
  • Participants are eligible to miles accrual, provided that they will successfully complete the race they have been registered to.
  • Miles can be granted only to active Miles+Bonus members, whose registration data perfectly match the data of their Miles+Bonus account.
  • Participants are responsible for the full and proper completion of the submission of their data.
  • In case a participant does not have a Miles+Bonus account and wishes to benefit from the miles accrual, he/she should create one, within 20 working days after the day of the Marathon event.
  • In order to confirm the validity of the participants’ data and credit the corresponding award miles in the accounts of the beneficiaries, it is clarified that those data will be cross-checked and verified with the Authentic Athens Marathon organization.
  • Miles are strictly personal and cannot be transferred or assigned to any third party.
  • Miles do not bear any commercial value and cannot be exchanged for money.
  • Miles will be credited to the participant’s accounts within 30 working days after the day of the Marathon event.
  • Participation to the above activity, presupposes and entails unreserved acceptance of all above rules.
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