At the top destinations of Instagram, is a Greek island!


According to the famous Vogue Australia, Instagram has a new tracking tool called Dash Hudson, which allows users to use geo-labels and keywords to see the most popular sites people are sending through Instagram.

So, the following list, which shows the 40 most visited places for 2018, has been formed. In fact, Santorini is also ranked 12th in these locations! So, according to Instagram, the 40 sites chosen by travelers are:

40.Helsinki, Finland

39. Cape Town, South Africa

38. Istanbul, Turkey

37. Marrakech, Morocco

36. Luang Prabang, Laos

35. Dublin, Ireland

34. Prague, Czech Republic

33. Stockholm, Sweden

32. Dubrovnik, Croatia

31. Moscow, Russia

30. Shanghai, China

29. Cartagena, Colombia

28. Budapest, Hungary

27. Hong Kong

26. Zurich, Switzerland

25. Lisbon, Portugal

24. Maldives

23. Kyoto, Japan

22. Singapore

21. Bombay, India

20. Hanoi, Vietnam

19. Copenhagen, Denmark

18. Bangkok, Thailand

17. Vienna, Austria

16. Oslo, Norway

15. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

14. Bali, Indonesia

13. Honolulu, United States

12. Santorini, Greece

11. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

10. Tulum, Mexico

9. Berlin, Germany

8. Reykjavik, Iceland

7. Sydney, Australia

6. Barcelona, ​​Spain

5. Rome, Italy

4. Paris, France

3. London, England

2. Toronto, Canada

1. New York, United States


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