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From the notoriously unfaithful Zeus to Dionysus birth tale, Greek mythology is full of drama and plot twists. Get the chance to discover the places that reveal dramatic tales and get to the core of the myths that unfold timeless universal truths, through the Mythology Tour in Athens by

During this four-hour tour, you will follow the mythological traces around the Acropolis Hill and will get to know the high spiritual significance that the sacred rock had to Athenians. You’ll have the chance to stare the huge columns of the Temple of Olympian Zeus listening to notorious stories about the King of Gods. Wandering around the alleys of Plaka, the oldest surviving part of Modern Athens, you will find out where ancient Athenians used to worship their Gods.

Before delving into panoramic views of the city in Areopagus (the Mars Hill), you will make a stopover in a traditional café to enjoy a cup of authentic Greek coffee.  After that, you will continue your mythology trail to Mousson Hill to witness the place where Athenian democracy actually took place. Finishing up the Athens Mythology Tour, make a last stop-and-stare at the Panathenaic Way and find out what myths cultivated famous happenings at this place thousands of years ago.

Get on board and join the experience for an unforgettable journey to mythical Athens!

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