Πρώτο στην κατάταξη βάσει κερδοφορίας, το Costa Navarino

An authentic experience of Greek Easter celebrations at Costa Navarino


Year after year, Costa Navarino and the nearby picturesque villages revive in abundance Messinia’s long-time Greek Easter customs, traditions and recipes.

From Monday the 10th till Monday the 17th, those visiting The Westin Resort Costa Navarino and The Romanos Resort, a Luxury Collection will have the chance to taste first-hand the region’s rich cultural heritage and truly celebrate an authentic Greek Easter.

The “Agora” at Navarino Dunes in Costa Navarino turns into a multi-hub of Greek Easter activities, while visitors discover the destination’s vast array of facilities.

At the little chapel of St. Sampson at the “Agora”, guests get acquainted with the devout religious proceedings taking place throughout the long weekend.

Costa NavarinoOn Saturday morning of the Easter weekend, local women prepare and bake “embroidered breads”. The evening’s midnight worship is followed by spectacular fireworks, while the traditional dish of “magiritsa” alongside the cracking of the red-painted eggs truly embellish the festive menu.

Throughout the celebrations, traditional Messinian Easter recipes form an essential part of the culinary offering at Navarino Dunes. On Easter Sunday, alongside the well-known roast lamb on a spit-the main celebratory Greek dish, another special dish called “kleftiko” is prepared, which has been cooked the same way for hundreds of years. Throughout Easter time, the celebrations are complemented by the region’s customs, dances and songs, as well as Greek Bouzouki, concerts’ projections and saxo solo and piano bar music.

A program of multiple entertainment options will introduce the young guests to the region’s customs and traditions, such as creating and decorating their own little-fire lanterns for the Saturday’s Resurrection service and Egg Hunting for kids and parents on Easter Sunday. Other kids’ activities will be at play including Balloon making, face painting and magic shows.


Navarino Dunes Costa Navarino is the ideal base to explore Messinia and observe the traditional Greek Easter customs in the surrounding small towns and villages, unfolding a rich cultural heritage. The picturesque chapels spread throughout the area, such as the ones in the villages Gargaliani and Filiatra, create a solemn atmosphere during the religious proceedings.

The Epitaph Procession on the evening of Good Friday has been “shared” between the villages of Romanos and Petrohori for many years. Starting at one village and ending in the other, it passes through a country road surrounded by olive groves. A great place to watch this procession is in the towns of Pylos and Koroni, where it follows a path among archaeological sites and the town’s landmark, the Venetian castle.

Messinia Pro-AmAnother spectacular competition is that of “Saitopolemos” which involves teams holding tubular home-made fireworks (saites). Taking place in Kalamata on either Saturday or Easter Sunday, it is a colorful event dating back to the Greek War of Independence. In the small village of Dasohori, the local custom of making and flying of balloons at the church of Aghia Paraskevi is still held these days, as well as many more customs in the Messinian region.

For further information on Greek Easter packages, you may contact Costa Navarino, tel: +30 27230 97000 or visit the following links: The Westin Resort Costa Navarino and The Romanos, A Luxury Collection Resort.

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