Bedsonline further extends +3% commission promotion due to unprecedented demand


Bedsonline, the leading global provider of accommodation and complementary products exclusively for travel agents, has today announced the extension of its +3% commission campaign for customers worldwide

Following substantial year-on-year increases in sales volumes of up to 80% in some countries and an overwhelmingly positive reaction from customers, Bedsonline has taken the decision to extend the promotion until the end of January.

The campaign originally began on 17th December to celebrate the holiday period and was intended to finish on New Year’s Eve, but was initially extended until 17 January due to unanticipated and enormous popularity.

The promotion is open to all travel agents worldwide that work with Bedsonline on a commissionable basis. These eligible agents will receive an extra 3% commission, on top of their regular commission, for all accommodation bookings made via the Bedsonline website for any date on any destination worldwide.

This news comes after Bedsonline’s decision that all the retail platforms (GTA, TravelCube and Travelbound) would be discontinued by the end of January in nearly all of its markets following the decision announced in September 2018 that Bedsonline’s sister companies will join the Bedsonline platform and brand.

Alistair Rodger, Retail Travel Agents Director at Hotelbeds, said: “In the last week there has been a significant jump in bookings – in some cases as high as 80% – in markets that were closed for the Christmas period, such as Spain, and only reopened in the second week of January.

“As such markets do not have the same peak booking period that agents in northern Europe see immediately following Christmas, we have now become convinced of the genuine popularity of this initiative and felt duty bound to continue it until the end of January.

“Additionally, I´m very pleased to confirm that this promotion has prompted the last remaining travel agents from our legacy brands – TravelBound, TravelCube and GTA – to move over to the Bedsonline platform during the last few weeks.

“In nearly all of our markets we will shut down booking capabilities at the end of January. So ensuring that all agents from TravelBound, TravelCube and GTA have smoothly transitioned onto the new Bedsonline platform is essential for us. Old bookings will be modifiable, of course, but all new bookings have to take place on the new Bedsonline website.

“We’re almost complete now, but for those few agents who have not yet made the change, contact your account manager and they´ll explain how get the incentive available for the first three bookings.”

The new and enchanced Bedsonline platform – which incorporates the accommodation portfolio and best features of the TravelCube, TravelBound and GTA retail brand offering – provides travel agents globally with the following benefits:

1) Diverse and competitive product portfolio:

over 170,000 hotels globally available (with over 90,000 of those directly sourced, making the content both unique and competitively priced), 24,000 transfer routes and 18,000 activities, PLUS 140,000 cars available for hire – all sourced by a team of over 1,000 contractors globally.

2) Powerful and user-friendly technology:

best-in-class search engine designed specifically for the needs of travel agents allows users to filter and compare results in a flexible and practical way, including intuitive email and PDF functions – 70% of existing customers cite the platform as a top factor in choosing the service. Bedsonline’s parent Group is the only distributor to operate its own cloud-based, open source data centre and handles up to 1.5 billion searches per day.

3) Local knowledge combined with a global offering:

local sales teams in every market with significant local knowledge and industry know-how ready to take care of all the needs of customers.

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