Condor with product innovations in times of Corona: new online check-in, new snack, new app


This summer Condor guests can feel comfortable on their holiday trip as Germany’s leisure airline offers a snack and limited on-board sales with cashless payment on board.

The service processes have been adapted to protect guests and staff. In addition, the Condor app has been improved and expanded by many functions, so that it is now possible to check in online and contactless via the app.

In the future, online check-in via the website will also offer booking options for features such as additional luggage and the possibility of entering one’s own contact details directly online, thus meeting the requirements in times of Corona.

Since the resumption of holiday flights, Condor has been implementing a wide range of protective measures, such as mandatory mouth and nose protection for guests and cabin crews or boarding and deboarding in small groups.

Product and service adjustments on all Condor flights
Condor will again offer in-flight catering on all flights: The “Condor Snack Bags” are included in the Business Class and Economy Best fare and can be pre-ordered online or purchased on board in all other fare classes.

In addition to crackers, biscuits, yoghurt with granola, a muesli bar, brownie, and a Stroop cube, they contain peppermint sweets and a bottle of water and are distributed by the crew wearing gloves only.

Business Class guests also receive a hot snack and can choose from a wide range of beverages at any time. As a small gift, Business Class guests receive an Amenity Kit and a Condor Care Kit with a disinfectant gel and cloth, a mask and gloves. The kit can be pre-ordered online in Economy Class for 3 euros or purchased on board for 3.50 euros.

In addition, cigarettes and tobacco will also be available on board again in the future. Payment is only possible without cash.

Check in online and depart

As an extended function, passengers can now also use the new online check-in via app. Guests can now check in conveniently from on the road via the app or from home via the website and avoid waiting times at the airport on the day of the flight. During the online check-in process, customers can also select their seat and enter their contact details independently and without contact.

Optimized Condor app

Guests can use the new app to receive everything from flight bookings and digital boarding passes to detailed information on the status of the flight and, if desired, push notifications directly to their mobile phones.

The innovative functions of the app also make it even more user-friendly to add a snack bag, sports baggage or other extras. In addition, guests can digitally store their personal passports and plan their own travel itinerary via the app.

With the improved Condor app, guests have all the important information for their personal journey immediately at hand – for a comfortable journey without having to search for the right documents in hand luggage. The app is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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