Cultural walking and wine tasting experience in Plaka “Nunc est bibendum”


Date: Sunday May 15th at 11:00am

Meeting point: “Vryssaki, Living Space of Art and Action”

17 Vrysakiou, Plaka


Greece is one of the most important producers of wine and although in the modern world Greek wine didn’t receive a very good promotion and publicity, at least until very recently, we know that in Ancient Greece and in Byzantium, wine was one of the most important commodities together with olive oil.

Therefore in this cultural walking experience we will try to narrate the history of Wine from the ancient to the modern times.

Our cultural walking starts with a visit in the Ancient Agora   where it was discovered a big amount of gray storage amphoras   that testify the existence of a wine storage in the area. We will pay a short visit in the museum to see some of the pottery that was used in the everyday life of the Athenians and soon after we will retire under the green vegetation of the Athenian Agora and under the astonishing view of the Acropolis rock we will address issues such as the relation of wine with the Myth of Dionysos, with the birth of the theatre and the various festivities that were taking part in Athens throughout the year and of course with the beginning of Philosophy, since we know that the wine was an element inextricably connected with the symposiums.

Our itinerary in the world of wine will continue in the beautiful ottomanic building, called “Vryssaki” (Living space of Art & Action) that is almost attached to the   Agora.

There we will continue our discussion for the origin of wine in antiquity, for the different Greek varieties mentioned already in Homer and Hesiod, for its production and trading and for the importance of wine in everyday life from the antiquity to the byzantine era and in art production.

Finally we will have the chance to taste some of the most characteristic and noble varieties of the greek production and to learn to distinguish the special traits and aromas of the mosxofilero, the assyrtiko, the agiorgitiko, the xynomayro.


This walk was designed for Attica Terra Walks by Natassa kanellopoulou (Archaeologist-Art Historian-Tour Guide) for Attica Terra Walks in the context of pilot cultural events organised in cooperation with Emmie Grammenou (Historian of Art, Creator, Coordinator & Project Manager of Attica Terra Walks).

Participation in the pilot programme is free

                                                                                                                        Registration is required

End of the itinerary: Monastiraki Metro Station

Duration: about 3 hours

Target group: adults

(The cost of tickets to Archaeological sites or Museums, as well as the cost of refreshments will have to be borne by the participants).



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cell: +30 6932 74 44 90



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