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Every trip is an opportunity for new discoveries and unforgettable experiences. In the world of tourism and hospitality, the trend for unique moments and experiences is becoming more and more apparent. E-Mobility is emerging as the new trend that is highlighting the tourism of the future, offering visitors the opportunity to explore every corner of a destination in a more sustainable and energetic way. Nilox, the pioneering Italian e-Mobility product company, offers a full range of electric bicycles with a sophisticated design, making every journey an unforgettable experience.

At a time when guests are looking for sustainable solutions, e-Mobility is emerging as a central factor in creating a memorable stay. In this context, Nilox offers the ebike, J5 PLUS, ideal for comfortable rides within the city or even the hotel complex. With, an autonomy of up to 65 km and three assisted modes, it is the ideal choice for urban destinations or large hotel complexes, within which guests can move around easily and fun!

Nilox also offers a wide range of all-terrain electric bicycles, suitable for off-road adventures.The 5 different models, Nilox , J3 PLUS, X6 PLUS, , X7 PLUS, , X8 PLUS and X9, have a range of up to 90 km and a special design. With specially designed tyres, disc brakes, suspension and five assistance modes, they meet every demanding route. These e-Bikes are ideal for hotels located in mountainous and coastal destinations or even rental companies that organise excursions in and out of town.They cover all the needs of the traveller who wants an alternative and ecological means of exploration.

An additional possibility offered by the electric bicycle is its use in the field of cargo transport. Nilox’s new C2 and C3 Cargo electric bikes are specifically designed for the transport of goods, providing an alternative to parcel delivery companies, food delivery companies and more! With a range of up to 60 km and an ergonomic design, workers can carry up to 65 kg of total cargo more easily, faster and with greater flexibility. This solution is also ideal for larger hotels that require the continuous transport of products from the kitchen to the different bars or from the warehouse to the rooms and all other facilities. Nilox Cargo electric bikes meet the needs of intensive and frequent use and are undoubtedly one of the fastest delivery methods.

From cities to off-road trails on islands and mountains, Nilox electric bikes are the ideal solution for every type of exploration. The company’s products are available in the Greek market through the official distributor DIVITEC S.A., which is responsible for their warranty and service.

All products are available through the company’s website:

Discover Nilox products and solutions, and invest in the future of mobility by offering your visitors or employees a different mobility solution with Nilox electric bicycles.

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