Ella Resorts invest in their people


The continuous investment in human resources, as well as the support of the employees of the Ella Resorts Group’s hotel units, is a constant priority and commitment for the company, in view of the new tourist season.

Ella Resorts, employing a total of 1,192 employees in 2023, will continue with dedication in the current season the staffing of existing and new employees.
The Ella Resorts continues to staff their units in Rhodes and Corfu, with the aim of maintaining high quality tourism services.

Within 2024, Ella Resorts will proceed with the complete renovation and integration of two new Lifestyle Beach Resorts in Crete and Corfu, with 360 and 351 rooms respectively, expanding their presence in Greece, while launching new hotel products, based on their strategic planning.

In Corfu, where the Group manages a total of 4 hotels, work is underway for the complete renovation of the former La Grotta Verde, in order to to open its doors as a brand new adults-only hotel concept.

With the suspension of the hotel’s operation for the current season while the renovation work continues, the management of Ella Resorts, realizing the anxiety and listening to the needs of the employees, has undertaken to fully secure their jobs and employment rights, while ensuring that they maintain their income.

In particular, for the workers of the former La Grotta Verde:

  • It ensures their employment in the Group’s other hotels in Corfu, with the employees maintaining the same specialization and the same earnings.
  • It recognises all their rights and ensures that they will be re-employed in the new hotel, after its renovation, regardless of whether they will have the same employment status and the same job titles or
    they accept employment in another hotel of the group this season.

With these initiatives and actions, Ella Resorts demonstrates once again, in absolute alignment with its corporate mission, the uncompromising commitment to the commitment to constantly invest in their people, but also to consistently support the local communities in which they operate.

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