European Survey: Top destinations in 2018, +15% for Greece | Predictions for 2019

For third consecutive year, eDreams ODIGEO, the online travel agency company, publishes the travel booking data from the previous year. The destinations which attracted travelers in 2018 and the countries included in 2019 “wish list” are presented.

It is noted that last year’s bookings for Greece were 15% more than in 2017.

The facts

More than the two fifths (42%) of the company’s customers choose to book via their mobile phone. Personalization continues to play an important role. Compared to the previous year, 28% more travelers selected hotel and flight packages, which suited ideally to their desires.

Russia and Scandinavian countries gain European trust

An exciting football year has made Russia a popular tourist destination, as the country experienced the highest increase in European journeys with a 51% increase in the number of passengers during the year.

The Scandinavian countries also reported spectacular growth. Finland and Denmark reached the top position. The 40% increase in European travelers who visited Finland reflects the governmental statistics, as well. Denmark reported 15% increase –it is noted that the advertising campaign promoting the “Hygge” lifestyle attracts more and more travelers.

The “comebacks”

There is a positive change in the sense of safety combined with the desire for the best “value for money”. In 2018, for example, Tunisia and Egypt had 15% and 21% more European travelers.

Other countries that reported a larger number of European travelers last year were: Norway (+19%), Greece (+15%), Poland (+12%), Sweden (+10%) and Romania (+8%).

Affordable long distance journeys attract travelers

In 2018, travels to New York, Guadeloupe and Martinique increased due to the high demand for low-cost, long-haul flights. The same also occurs for the new connections London-Rio and Madrid-New York.

Looking ahead the future

The first signs show that European travelers do not look at their own continent when it comes to holidays, because 6 of the 10 top destinations with the highest growth are located outside the continent.  Remote areas like Philippines (+40%) and Namibia (+43%) are included. That indicates that travelers benefit from the new low cost airlines.

Finally, the reduction of Turkish Lira’s value plays an important role, as it has proven to be a major attraction for travelers. Holidays in Turkey are still value for money. In addition, Scandinavian countries are expected to attract many European travelers in 2019. Kittila in Finland and Bergen in Norway occupied the second and the third position respectively, regarding popularity.

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