GB Roof Garden

GB Roof Garden of Hotel Grande Bretagne re-opens its doors on May 3rd


Ever since the government announced the restaurants’ restart, the excitement of the loyal friends of GB Roof Garden has been remarkable and touching. With enthusiastic calls, people express their joy that they will be able to visit their favourite spot again and enjoy delectable dishes in Athen’s most classy place admiring the majestic Acropolis.

The talented culinary team of GB Roof Garden restaurant is getting ready! Executive Chef Asterios Koustoudis is working on the new menu with inexhaustible inspiration and although his secrets are sealed, it goes without saying that he will pleasantly surprise us. The whole restaurant team feels happy and relieved to be back to their warm workplace and is eager to offer the best quality services their guests are accustomed to. However now they all have an extra care: to properly implement the adopted Covid-19 protocols in order to reassure guests and allow them to relax without concern.

GB Roof GardenTable reservations have already exceeded all expectations and this proves that GB Roof Garden has rightfully won the title of the dining leader in Athens especially for those who pursue premium and refined gastronomic experiences in a sophisticated and stylish environment with the most captivating view in town.

Magic Greek summer evenings await you at the GB Roof Garden Restaurant!

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