Global green destinations to meet in Ljubljana


Top 100 to be announced as focus for building empowered communities

The results of the Global  Sustainable Destinations competition will be  announced  during  Global  Green  Destinations  Day,   27-28 September  2016  in  Ljubljana, the 2016 European Union’s Green Capital.

The overall theme of the Top 100 is “Destinations of Future Generations”. Top 100 candidates are destinations that cherish and celebrate their Authenticity, their Biodiversity and nature, their Cultural values, the Destination’s local community and entrepreneurs, and their Environment, for future generations of citizens and travellers.

The competition is a unique opportunity for ambitious destinations to strengthen their profile in the field of responsible and green tourism.
It is the follow up to National Geographic Traveler’s Destination Stewardship surveys. The overall theme of the Top 100 is “Destinations of Future Generations”.

One of the aims of the Top 100  is  to  bring  destinations  ctogether  in  a  Destinations  Community so  destinations can  inspire and  help each  other  by  exchanging  ideas  and  good  practices.

All destinations with a clear focus on sustainable tourism can apply.

International experts in tourism sustainability, and a Selection Panel will select nominated destinations in a formal procedure.

Nominated destinations will be evaluated on 15 criteria:

  1. A sustainability coordinator is in place
  2. A sustainable tourism strategy is in place
  3. Nature is adequately protected
  4. The use of animals in tourism is controlled
  5. Landscape and scenery is protected
  6. Waste water treatment is organised
  7. Solid waste is monitored, aimed at reduction
  8. Dependency on fossil fuels is reduced
  9. Cultural sites and built heritage are protected
  10. Intangible heritage is protected and respected
  11. People are protected against exploitation
  12. The local community is involved in tourism
  13. Local and sustainable products are promoted
  14. Health and safety are adequately addressed
  15. Attention for accessibility of tourism sit

A destination would usually not be smaller than 100 sq km, and not larger than 40,000 sq km.
Accommodations, single buildings, attractions and theme parks are considered not eligible: eco-lodges may be eligible if they have a recognised and strong stewardship for a large area that is otherwise not managed.

Deadlines and procedure

  • 15 June: destination nominations will be closed.
  • 1 July: last change to respond to and ask questions.
  • 1 August: destination evaluations.
  • 15 August: winners will be announced and invited to the Global Green Destinations Day.

Nomination of destinations

From March 2016 open calls for nominations have been made through international networks and in various social networks.

Nominations can be made via the Green Destinations Assessment Platform; or e-mail your nomination to: [email protected]. You will be referred to the online platform, enabling you to register your destination and provide the Information to support the nomination:

  • A sustainability pitch (short text or video);
  • 5 pictures illustrating the sustainability pitch;
  • Optional: one of these pictures may display a traditional local dish (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)
  • A brief clarification how the destination complies with the 15 Core criteria of the Green Destinations Standard.
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