Global Heritage Tourism Body and Nordic Tourism Collective Join Forces


The World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage (WTACH) has joined the Nordic Tourism Collective (NTC) to build mutual awareness and value of the unique cultural and heritage assets in the greater Nordic and Baltic region.

WTACH will provide a range of expertise and lead discussions and training on culture and heritage tourism at NTC workshops and forums. The emphasis will be on advancing responsible tourism that preserves, respects and promotes heritage in tourism settings, including those related to indigenous groups.

WTACH will join NTC’s 5 October 2022 workshop on Nordic cultural heritage. The webinar will address the importance of preserving unique northern cultural traditions. It will look at ways to boost tourism through promotion of cultural heritage. The webinar will address the importance of Pan-Nordic and Pan-Baltic traditions for future generations of travellers and native communities. [Workshop information and registration here.]

The NTC, a not-for-profit organisation, comprises private and public sector travel and tourism entities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Baltic countries, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroes.

Its membership includes tour operators, destination marketing organisations, national tourism offices, hotels, travel tech companies, transport, venues and activity experiences.

WTACH and NTC will collaborate to create unique training modules.

“The modules will help NTC members think differently and creatively about their cultural attractions,” said Nigel Fell, CEO of WTACH. “Local communities already play a significant part in tourism in the region. Our hope is that WTACH protocols will propel culture and heritage to form a bigger part of Nordic tourism itineraries,” he said.

About World Tourism Association for Culture and Heritage

WTACH seeks to establish clear goals, objectives and strategies for the protection of cultural heritage through responsible and sustainable tourism practices. Working in collaboration with public, private and specialist academic sector organisations, WTACH determines best practice ethical principles and standards in line with the most robust global research available. WTACH was established in 2018 by Chris Flynn, formerly Director – Pacific, at the Pacific Asia Travel Association. WTACH is based in New South Wales, Australia.

About the Nordic Tourism Collective

The Collective is the only organisation that connects the entire Nordic region. Membership is made up of hotel companies, tourist boards, DMCs, transportation companies, attractions, Nordic tourism suppliers and global travel buyers. Our collaborative networking arena gives tourism professionals access to a unique community of Nordic suppliers and international buyers, supported by dedicated Nordic B2B events, coordinated industry campaigns and B2B marketing representation opportunities.

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