Green Cultural Walk: “A botanical – archaeological itinerary in the Ancient Agora. The value of the plants of Dioscourides”


Date: Saturday May 7 th at 11h:00 am

Meeting point: “Vryssaki, Living Space of Art and Action”

Vrysakiou 17, Plaka  (next to Monastiraki Metro Station                                        

The planting of the Ancient Agora was a project launched in 1955 by the American School of Classical Studies and it was based in the use of plants that thrived in Attiki also in antiquity, so alongside the archaeological treasures to bring out the botanical wealth of this sacred place.

Keramikos_01The botanical itinerary in the Ancient Agora will take place in parallel with the archaeological one, starting from the plants that we find in our path we will highlight the importance that plants had in the life of ancient Greeks, their place in mythology, the gods who protected them, their incorporation in ancient art and their use in everyday life of the ancient Greeks.

The archaeological walk will be preceded by the lecture of Mr. Dionysis Mermygkas, (Head of the Goulandris Natural History Museum Botanical Lab) “The value of the plants of Dioscourides” in “Vryssaki, Living Space of Art and Action”.

This botanical – archaeological itinerary was designed by Dionysis Mermygkas (Head of the Goulandris Natural History Museum Botanical Lab) and Annie Zacharopoulou (Licensed Tour Guide) for Attica Terra Walks in the context of pilot cultural events organised in cooperation with Emmie Grammenou (Historian of Art , Creator, Coordinator & Project Manager of Attica Terra Walks).

The participation in the pilot programme is free


Registration is required

Language: Greek

End of the itinerary: Monastiraki. (A refreshment in “Vryssaki Living Space of Art & Action is optional.)

Duration: approx. 3 hours

(The cost of tickets to Archaeological sites or Museums, as well as the cost of refreshments will have to be borne by the participants).


Tel: +30 6932 74 44 90

email: [email protected]

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