HolidayCheck: Turkish Riviera and Rhodes cheaper from 2023 for summer holidays | +3% prices in Greece, 12% increase in Spain


HolidayCheck‘s regular analysis of early bookings has revealing results for travellers: the prices of package holidays for 2024 show significant differences compared to the previous year for Egypt, Greece, Spain and Turkey.

Attractive offers for families in Turkey, Egypt, Greece and Mallorca

Families planning their holidays can look forward to attractive offers. In Turkey, prices have fallen by 13% compared to last year and is considered the cheapest destination. HolidayCheck also noticed a significant eleven per cent price reduction for Egypt. Greece is affordable with an average increase of 3%. Holidaymakers looking to travel to Spain have to pay more with a 12 per cent increase. The exception is Mallorca with a price increase of just three per cent.

Couples benefit from potential savings outside the holiday season

Couples planning their trip during the summer months can benefit from current developments. As they are more flexible and can travel outside of the holiday season, they have even greater potential for savings. Travelling to Tunisia, as well as many Canary and Greek islands, is particularly worthwhile this year. Here, prices for couples for a ten-day holiday package are close to or under €3,000. HolidayCheck travel expert Christoph Heinzmann comments on the sharp drop in prices for holidays in Egypt: ‘The political unrest in the Middle East is having a major impact on demand for travel to the Red Sea country.

Those who make early bookings benefit from lower prices

Price developments offer a good opportunity for early bookers to secure the holiday of their dreams at an attractive price-performance ratio. HolidayCheck’s travel experts recommend early planning and immediate benefit from current offers.

The trend towards early booking is also reflected in the car rental sector. Analysis of car rental bookings for summer 2024 shows a 20% increase in bookings in January for the five major holiday destinations: Spain, Italy, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Germany. Spain and Italy in particular are showing strong growth.

A clear trend is also emerging in terms of vehicles. At present, customers are mainly booking in the compact (SUV) or economy category. “Holidaymakers appreciate a spacious vehicle when travelling and car manufacturers are reducing production of smaller cars. As a result, the supply of the smaller vehicle category is also decreasing and prices will increase,” says Erik Weenink.

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