IATA thanks EU for Waiving Slot Use Rule for Summer Season


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) thanked the European Union for agreeing to suspend the airport slot use rules for the whole summer season.

“We welcome the decision to suspend the slot use rules until end of October. And we thank the EU for taking this action. The suspension of the 80-20 rule will enable airlines to plan their schedules with maximum flexibility during this time of great uncertainty. And it gives airlines and airports the certainty that the routes and network they have invested in will be valid next summer, protecting vital connectivity and preparing the way for recovery. We know that many regulators around the world have also suspended the slot use rule for this period. We hope that this decision from the EU will encourage any remaining regulators who have not yet done so to align with this important move. It’s critical all airlines and airports are able to benefit from the alleviation equally,” said Rafael Schvartzman, IATA Regional Vice President, Europe.

“This as a purely temporary suspension of the usage rules during this crisis, the likes of which aviation has never seen before. The aviation industry is united in its desire to return to the existing slot use rules as soon as industry conditions make it possible. We thank all the global regulators for their understanding and flexibility on this issue. And this gives confidence to our airlines to return their slots in advance, knowing they will be treated fairly. There are already many cargo operations making use of the additional capacity created by slot returns, providing much-needed freight capacity during this time,” he said.

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