Important meetings for the president of Santorini hoteliers Ant. Pagonis at Fitur 2024


Fitur 2024, which is the most important tourism exhibition in Spain and one of the most important in the world, especially for Latin American countries, due to the fact that Madrid is a transit hub for tourist flows to and from Europe, was attended by the President of the Santorini Hoteliers Association Antonis Pagonis, who had the opportunity to meet and exchange views with representatives of the airlines Vueling, Iberia and Volotea in the context of their efforts to expand their schedule with new flights to Santorini.

Furthermore, Antonis Pagoni participated in the conference organised by the Latin American Agents Association in Europe in the framework of Fitur 2024, given that this is one of the most dynamically developing markets internationally, especially in expensive and very expensive travel.

In the context of this conference, Mr. Pagonis held extensive and targeted discussions with Alejandro Osa, the largest tour operator of Latin American countries who organizes trips to Greece and President of the Association of Latin American Agents in Europe”, on the strengthening and upgrading of cooperation between the two sides.

Mr.Pagonis also held meetings with representatives of the World Tourism Organization on sustainable tourism development and the evolution of businesses to adapt to the needs and requirements of the times, as well as with executives of the Hellenic Tourism Organisation (EOT) office in Madrid.

According to the data presented by the organisers, FITUR 2024 was a complete success, recording a historically high level of participation and visits. In the total of its five-day duration, the exhibition is expected to be visited – according to the organisers’ estimates – by more than 250,000 people, roughly at the same level as the historically high level of the 2020 exhibition, and double the number compared to 2021.

The Greek participation in this year’s FITUR included a total of 15 exhibitors, with the vast majority of them housed at the pavilion of the Association of Greek Travel and Tourism Agencies, which was characterized by a dignified presence and excellent organization, well positioned in the exhibition area, with the “Greece” logo at its tops and highlighting Greek destinations and the services offered by Greek businesses operating in the field.
Greek exhibitors attracted a high number of interested professionals and private visitors to the exhibition, holding targeted meetings to promote our country and expand its tourist network in the Spanish market. At the same time, they promoted their services to the professionals and private visitors of the exhibition, renewed their contacts with their clientele and explored the prospects for strengthening existing and developing new partnerships in the Iberian and Latin American markets.

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