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ITB Berlin 2020: Precautionary measures due to Coronavirus


ITB Berlin 2020 will take place between the 4th and 8th of March. The facilitator, even though is not afraid for the impact of the deadly virus to the success of the event, has already taken up some precautionary meters.

Below you can read the full statement:

“We are looking forward to welcoming you to this year’s ITB Berlin from 4 to 8 March 2020.

As you are aware, the first cases of the coronavirus have now been identified in Europe, including here in Germany. Indeed, the authorities in Berlin have already issued a statement
to the effect that Berlin is very well prepared to deal with any cases.

itbThe safety and health of our exhibitors, visitors and partners is our number one priority. At present, we do not foresee any impacts for the upcoming ITB Berlin, but as a precaution
we are introducing new measures to increase the safety of all attendees at ITB Berlin:

  •  We will have a number of rapid response English speaking medical teams and other
    health professionals located here onsite to deal with any situations that may arise;
  • Hand disinfectors will now be provided at all entrances of the exhibition in addition to hand sanitation already installed in all toilets and washrooms at the event;
  •  We are increasing the frequency with which our sanitary facilities are disinfected;

Please be assured that we are monitoring the situation very closely and are in regular contact with the health authorities of the State of Berlin. Should there be any changes to the current status, we will take account of any recommendations from the relevant federal and state authorities, and the municipal health authorities, and implement all appropriate instructions”.

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