New agreement between Air France, KLM και Sky Express


Air France and KLM have signed up an agreement of cooperation with the Greek company Sky Express. According to this agreement, these three airlines can strengthen their commercial cooperation between Paris, Amsterdam and Greek islands, from a good organized system of sales.

The customers have the ability to make their reservation and to travel by return who connect Paris-Charles de Gaulle or Amsterdam-Schiphol with 24 Greek destinations serving those from Sky Express through Athens, to the sites of the company, and through the tickets office Air France, της KLM και της Sky Express.

With the new agreement, Air France and KLM customers can benefit from 24 new routes in Greece departing from Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol and continue the travel through Athens to Alexandroupoli, Astipalaia, Kephalonia, Chios, Corfu, Kythira, Ioannina, Heraklion, Kalymno, Karpathos, Kos, Ikaria, Chania, Limnos, Milo, Mykonos, Mytilene, Naxo, Paro, Samo, Santorini, Skiathos, Syro and Zakynthos. Through this cooperation passengers of companies Air France, KLM and Sky Express who have connected to Athens, are also offering transfer of their luggage to the final destination.

Also, the passengers enjoy access in Sky Express lounge to the airport of Athens during connection of the flights.

Patrick Roux, Senior Vice President of the group mention : “From the cooperation with Sky Express, the costumers benefit from the extensive national in Greece, starting from this summer and departing from the 2 main nodes. With this cooperation, we confirm once more the flexibility of our network and our goal of improving the travel experience of our passenger through simplified connections, moreover routes and favorable price offers”.

Theodoros Krokidas, President and CEO of Sky Express added: “We are happy because we announcing one more interconnection agreement, especially with such big brands names such as Air France and KLM. We are sure that this agreement will significantly increase passenger traffic and the development tourism of Greek islands. The Sky Express will continue to focus in extension of the network and play an important role in domestic air transport in Greece”.

Air France offer 39 flights weekly to Athens by Airbus A319 and departure from Paris-Charles de Gaulle, while KLM offer 14 flights weekly by leaving from Amsterdam –Schiphol by Boeing 737.

The 24 destinations which offer the Sky Express served respectively with 377 flights weekly which performed from Athens by ATR42 and capacity 48 seats, and with ATR72 with capacity 79 seats.

Astipalaia : 8 weekly flights

Alexandroupoli : 14 weekly flights

Kefalonia: 14 weekly flights

Chios : 19 weekly flights

Corfu : 18 weekly flights

Kythira : 7 weekly flights

Hrakleion : 21 weekly flights

Ikaria: 7 weekly flights

Ioannina: 7 weekly flights

Kalymnos: 6 weekly flights

Karpathos: 7 weekly flights

Kos: 16 weekly flights

Chania: 21 weekly flights

Lemnos : 10 weekly flights

Milos-Plaka : 14 weekly flights

Mykonos: 14  weekly flights

Mytilini : 16  weekly flights

Naxos : 22 weekly flights

Paros : 15  weekly flights

Samos: 14 weekly flights

Santorini : 70 weekly flights

Skathos : 10 weekly flights

Syros : 6  weekly flights

Zakynthos : 21  weekly flights

In reference with Air France-KLM

A worldwide player with strong European basis and mainly areas of activity the transportation passengers, goods and maintenance aircraft.

The Air France-KLM group is a leader in the field of air transport in terms of passenger, intercontinental traffic by leaving from Europe, offer to their costumers access to a network covered 314 destinations in 316 countries in all the world which they serve Air France, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Transavia. With a fleet 548 in action airplane and having moved more than 101,4 millions passengers in 2018, the group makes everyday 2.300 flights from Paris- Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam-Schiphol.

The program of benefits Flying Blue of Air France-KLM is from the top in Europe with more than 15 million members. The group Air France-KLM is member of the ally SkyTeam, in which they participate 19 airline companies, offering to their customer’s access in a worldwide network 14.500 everyday flights to more than 1.500 destinations in 175 countries.

The Sky Express offers high quality services: free access to the facilities of Business Lounge for all the passengers who departing from Athens, the service “Sky Fast Lane” for faster access at airport checkpoints and free hand baggage and cabin baggage for all the passengers who travel by Air France-KLM.

Moreover, Sky Express has develop the excellent product “Island Hopper”, which offer especially attractive services to the visitors during their holidays in Greece, allowing them to visit at least one more Greek destination, to support the Greek tourism at regional airports.

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