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A new chapter reveals in the Cycladic islands this spring, as Domes Resorts, will proceed with the operation of a new exceptional hotel, Domes Novos Santorini.

As Domes continues to develop in Greece and abroad, traveling, falling in love with new destinations and becoming their ambassador, Domes Novos Santorini becomes a highlight of this journey. It’s iconic architecture reflecting the island’s unique volcanic heritage, combines Cycladic art with contemporary design. This new family-friendly addition to the “Domes Originals” portfolio features 50 suites and 2 exclusive villas, each equipped with private pools, offering stunning sea views and Santorini’s famous sunset. The hotel is located on the Dome of Oia, the most emblematic spot of the island.

Guests can indulge in wellness activities or a spa treatment experience at the Soma Spa, which includes an indoor pool, explore the rich wine culture, world-famous attractions while enjoying culinary delights at the hotel’s rooftop restaurant. The spacious design of the resort is a rarity on the bustling island of Santorini, ensuring comfort and luxury, making it the ideal destination for those seeking a calm and the same time  enriching experience in peace and quiet, yet legendary destinations.

According to Domes Resorts, “Our commitment is to offer a profound experience that not only revitalizes and inspires guests, but also reveals new depths within us, allowing ourselves to blossom anew in the majestic form of Novo”.

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