New funding for recycling in Corfu of an amount of 713,000 euros


The inclusion in the Ionian Islands Operational Program 2014-2020 of the act “Development of a network for separate collection of recyclable paper (excluding packaging) of the Municipality of Corfu”, was signed by the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands, Theodoros Galiatsatos, with a budget of 713.000,00 euros.

The act ” Development of a network for separate collection of recyclable paper (excluding packaging) of the Municipality of Corfu ” is included in the Operational Program “Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development 2014-2020” with the code 5007734.

The eligible amount of public expenditure proposed for registration in the P.P.I. amounts to 713,000 euros.

The physical object of the act is the supply of separate collection bins (yellow) for paper and cardboard, excluding packaging (eg newspapers, cardboard, cartons, letterheads, magazines, catalogs, books, greeting cards) and collection trucks for their disposal in a discrete “stream”.

In particular, the proposal concerns the supply of YELLOW BINS (500 of 1.100 lt and 1000 of 660 lt) with the aim of completion and creation of a shared network of sorting bins at source, in clusters, as well as in the supply of two collection vehicles (one of 20 m3 and the other of 16 m3) and one open truck for the collection of recyclable materials (of 5 m3), which will collect the paper from the “producers” (companies – hospitals – public services – schools etc.) and will transfer it on large vehicles.

The remaining “streams” will be served as follows:
• Bio-waste (BROWN BINS ) from the Integrated Act on ION 25 “Development of a Separate Network for Collection of Bio-waste ”
• Glass with BLUE BINS (Bell type) by the G.R.C. (Greek Recycling Company)
• Packages from: Paper – Plastic – Metal at the BLUE BINS by the G.R.C. (approximately 1,400 bins)
• Other through the existing GREEN BINS of the Municipality (approximately 3,500 bins) and the network for “screening” at source is being fully developed throughout the Municipality of Corfu.
Collected recyclables will be sent for further processing and recovery in the C.M.R.M. (Centre of Management of Recyclable Materials) or any other licensed alternative management system.
The closing date for the act is 30/06/2020.

The operation is co-financed by the Cohesion Fund.

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