Cookies Policy



Recognition files “cookies” are self-installed text files, with short content, which are saved with permission on the computer of the user who visits a website. “Cookies” are sent from a website to the user’s terminal equipment on his first visit to it and follow a reverse course during the next user’s visits to the same site. “Cookies” that come from this site serve to identify the user and through statistical data to improve the services provided to him, such as by providing personalized services. The user-friendly collection of non-personal information and data, that do not reveal his identity in any way, contributes to faster and more efficient operation of our site through statistical evaluations and comparative observations, quicker processing of the user’s orders and in general to better services of this site. The technical storage of cookies is permitted with the consent of the user, which may be given through appropriate settings in the browser or through another application, for the purpose of transmitting a communication, of providing service, which is explicitly requested by the user, and for the processing purposes mentioned above. The user may at any time delete ‘Cookies’ from his terminal equipment. However, we inform you that this may have consequences on the ease of access to the website and may lead to its reduced functionality.

This site has access to and stores cookies and related technologies on your computer. The website and third parties install cookies. Using cookies to analyze user activity serves to improve our site and provide personalized services. By improving our site’s functionality by using cookies, we are upgrading the browser experience for the visitor. Cookies and similar applications can be used to gather information about users, such as browser type, server, user language, preferences, searches, and geographic location of the user.

The company uses third-party cookies. Such cookies make it possible to display promotional material on other websites visited by the user. Information we derive through cookies and related technology is shared with third parties in the context of generating targeted advertising messages that can be viewed by the user when visiting third-party websites. Additionally, the relevant cookie technology allows measurements related to user activity to another site that referred him to our site or correspondingly to the user activity that our site has referred to another site. Finally, cookies may also be used for security purposes (cyber-prevention).