Poseidonion Grand Hotel: 110 years of timeless hospitality in Spetses


Poseidonion Grand Hotel completes this year 110 years since its opening and welcomes its guests to the island of Spetses for another summer full of special experiences.

A benchmark in Greek hospitality since its establishment in 1914, the hotel welcomes travelers from all over the world with its timeless elegance and personalized care, while this year it is included in Condé Nast Traveler’s Gold List 2024 of the best hotels and resorts in the world.

110 years of authentic hospitality

Going back to the summer of 1914, the history of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel unfolds with its inauguration on the cosmopolitan island of Spetses.

A hotel-architectural masterpiece, designed by Panagiotis Zizilas, influenced by the architectural style of hotels on the Côte d’Azur, such as the Carlton and Negresco on the French Riviera, a vision of the wealthy benefactor Sotirios Anargyros, who with his dedication contributed significantly to the development of the island.

Soon, the hotel became a beacon of Greek hospitality and became a magnet for the cosmopolitan public of the time, which consisted of wealthy Athenians, famous foreigners, prime ministers and kings. It has hosted personalities such as Eleftherios Venizelos, Prime Minister of Greece between 1910-1920 and 1928-1932, who even attended the opening of the hotel.

In 2009 the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, after a demanding renovation project that lasted 5 years, entered its new era maintaining its timeless charm and always true to its philosophy of providing authentic hospitality.

“As we celebrate an important anniversary, we are deeply moved and honoured to have been given the opportunity to spearhead the next chapter of Poseidon’s legacy, adding our own touch to its rich history. This trust is a great responsibility for us to continue the tradition of the hotel, a pillar of timeless hospitality. As a vital component of this journey and a never-ending source of inspiration, the island of Spetses is of course a precious jewel in the island wealth of our country, a precious ‘refuge’ with a refined aristocratic aura”, says Mr. Antonis Vordonis, Managing Director of Poseidonion Grand Hotel.

A favourite destination of timeless aesthetics

With its elegant rooms and comfortable suites, many of which have a private garden or balcony, the hotel offers its guests a unique accommodation experience with stunning views of the blue Argosaronic Gulf.

Its rich heritage is reflected in the iconic, historic building of Poseidon embodying a timeless elegance that makes it a favorite destination for those seeking a modern yet classic hospitality experience.

A journey to gastronomy

At the heart of Poseidonion Grand Hotel’s culinary philosophy is a commitment to sustainability through a holistic approach to cooking. This year, the hotel welcomes Chef Ilias Kyiazoli to the team, who elevates the culinary experience with his talent and passion. In addition to its organic farm, Bostani, the hotel offers a range of options for culinary journeys. From the relaxed atmosphere of the Library Brasserie to the elegant setting of On the Verandah restaurant, on the famous Poseidon’s terrace, and the lively atmosphere of Palms the Bar, each venue offers a unique experience that reflects the richness of Greek cuisine.

Authentic experiences with the signature of Poseidonion Grand Hotel

Hotel guests can discover a plethora of options to get to know the island of Spetses better. The summer cinema Ciné Titania with the scent of jasmine revives summer memories together with classic movies and more. Bertram 26 Sport, the hotel’s private speedboat, offers the choice of high quality sea excursions to explore the hidden beaches of the island, providing an adventure at sea, personalized according to each guest’s personal preferences.

At the same time, nestled in the lush green nature of Spetses, the traditional Pine Estate residence is a unique hospitality proposal with panoramic views and private access to the beach, for those who desire a combination of privacy and personalized services from the Poseidonion Grand Hotel team. Finally, in the relaxed and island-like atmosphere of Paradise Beach, guests can enjoy an all-day beach getaway with crystal clear waters, gastronomic proposals and signature cocktails, highlighting it as the ultimate destination for summer sunny days.

The guests of Posidoni have the opportunity to be initiated into a special world of wellness at the Idolo Spa and enjoy the serenity of the pool, or leave themselves in the experienced hands of the beauty experts. Also an original collection of clothes, jewellery and accessories, ideal for the summer days and nights in Spetses, is hosted at Mageia Boutique by Ileana Makri.

Poseidonion Grand Hotel reaffirms its commitment to the promotion of Art by maintaining its close collaboration with Artion Galleries. During the current season, a special exhibition of artworks will be presented, carefully selected to enrich the sense of hospitality with a touch of creative aesthetics.

A beacon of Greek hospitality and cultural heritage

As the Poseidonion Grand Hotel has inaugurated another season, it remains not only a symbol of Greek hospitality, but also a driving force behind numerous initiatives on the island of Spetses. With a rich history spanning over a century, the Poseidonion continues to play a vital role in the cultural development of the region. This year, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a range of events and activities, including Armata, A Weekend in Tweed and many more. From cultural and sporting initiatives to entertainment options, Neptune remains at the forefront, enriching the visitor experience while contributing to the development of Spetses.

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