Posidonia Conference Programme gives pause for thought to global shipping leadership


A diverse range of challenges and issues confronting global shipping will be tabled by industry leaders and debated by delegates at the most extensive Posidonia Conference Programme ever scheduled to take place alongside the Posidonia Exhibition at the Athens Metropolitan Expo from June 6-10.
With over 40 conrmed conferences, seminars, workshops and press conferences covering every aspect of shipping, organisers have expanded venue facilities to meet strong delegate demand. And with most presentation themes and titles echoing the global maritime community’s prime focus and key priorities, the conference programme looks set to be a highly coveted aair for the industry’s decision makers, analysts and the media.
The signicance of the Posidonia Conference Programme for the global shipping community is underlined by the high prole presence of Lim Kitack, Secretary General of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) at the Posidonia Opening Ceremony, who will also be delivering the key-note speech at the TradeWinds Shipowners Forum, which will be held on June 7.

The Forum will address the most hotly debated issues including newbuildings, second-hand and demolition markets, investor sentiment and the paucity of nance, vessel valuations, the opportunities and risks of technology and the ‘connected’ ship.
Delegates at the Forum will have the opportunity to hear the views of inuential shipowners on topics as diverse as investments, acquisitions, commodity demand and the price of oil.

Later in the same day, at the Japanese Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery Technology Seminar, some of the world’s most profound experts in newbuildings from Japan’s shipbuilding industry will be sharing the latest technological innovations and modern machinery deployed to design and build vessels that are technologically superior and have advanced eciency, safety and environmental standards. Remarks by Kazuo Tsukuda, President of Japan Ship Exporters’ Association (JSEA) and Motoyoshi Nakashima, Chairman of the Japan Ship Machinery & Equipment Association (JSMEA) will give attendees additional reasons to remain seated throughout the half day event following nine back-to-back specialist presentations from Nippon Paint Marine Coatings, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan Marine United Corp, Daihatsu Diesel, Yanmar and other household marine equipment makers from the country of the rising sun.

The oriental charm oensive will continue the next day, June 8, with the 2016 Korea-Hellenic Maritime Cooperation Forum, a new addition to the Posidonia Conference Programme. The Korean Embassy in association with IOBE, Greece’s Foundation for Economic & Industrial Research, will provide guests with a detailed look at the current situation and prospects of Korea’s shipbuilding industry through speeches by SEO
Young-ju, Vice President of the Korea Oshore & Shipbuilding Association (KOSHIPA) and KIM Young-moo, Vice-Chairman of Korean Shipowners’ Association (KSA) as well as senior leaders from the Korea Oshore & Shipbuilding Association (KOSHIPA), Hyundai Maritime Research Institute, Korea Marine Equipment Association (KOMEA), Korean Register of Shipping, Korea Eximbank and others.

An issue of increasing importance due to ongoing discussions between the US and IMO on the framework pertaining to an internationally acceptable framework for the treatment of ballast water will be debated at the Ballast Water Management (BWM) Summit organised by Newsfront / Naftiliaki under the auspices of Greece’s Marine Technical Managers Association (MARTECMA). Under the title ‘Updates on BWM’, the summit will host the views of classication societies DNV GL, ABS, LR, Rina and BV and will conclude with an
Argo Navis workshop on retrot engineering studies and installation planning.

With constantly evolving regulation on various aspects of the shipping industry comes the need for classication societies to be ahead of the game and alert to any changes at any given moment. This is the job of the IACS Quality Systems Certication Scheme (QSCS) which helps classication societies eectively address current and impending shipping industry regulations and thereby assures shipowners and shipmanagers that IACS classed ships will be in compliance with current requirements but also that any impending requirements are identied in good time to enable calculated and measured decisions to be
made regarding future compliance needs. Posidonia Conference delegates will be able to attend the IACS seminar to stay ahead of what’s coming from an international regulatory vantage point and how classication societies will best address the challenges.

And from international waters to North America’s Atlantic and Pacic oceans for a seminar titled ‘Trading in US Waters’ organised by the American Hellenic Chamber of Commerce under the auspices of the Embassy of the United States to Greece. The seminar will focus on the rules and requirements pertaining the navigation of ocean going vessels around US coasts and territorial waters in order to assist maritime stakeholders acquire a fully integrated approach to US requirements when visiting US ports.
‘Smart Ship Solutions’ is the title of the Posidonia Conference event that is organised by the Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers & Exporters (HEMEXPO), an organisation which aims to oer shipowners integrated solutions based on Greek innovative technologies for vessels that are built or repaired all over the world. Some of the innovations to be presented are a split air condition unit for the demanding environment of marine applications by Psyctotherm, Prisma Electronics’ information intelligence platform LAROS,
innovative coatings by Nanophos, Elvik’s incombustible materials and an engineering simulation by Feac which explores the design, performance and environmental impact of a vessel.

Solutions of a dierent kind will be presented at the 5th Analyst & Investor Capital Link Shipping Forum,    which addresses the issue of access and availability of nance for shipping companies. Participants will exchange views on the shipping, nancial and capital markets, private equity as well as investor attitudes towards shipping. A practical roadmap towards the adoption of LNG as a safe, environmental friendly and viable alternative fuel for shipping, contributing to the development of a lower emission prole for the East Mediterranean marine transportation sector will be in the spotlight of the Poseidon Med II awareness seminar on June 7th. The 26 partners of Poseidon Med II from Greece, Cyprus and Italy will discuss LNG supply, technical and nancial aspects of the LNG bunkering, raising awareness to the latest innovations and trends in the market.

Staying with the theme of green shipping, an international conference titled ‘Where is Shipping heading after COP21’ is organised by HELMEPA on Wednesday 8th June with an impressive array of speakers from the IMO, the European Commission, ICS, IACS, INTERTANKO, INTERCARGO and USCG. Following the adoption of the Paris Climate Change Agreement, last December, this conference will explore how international
shipping can further contribute to global eorts to address climate change. Not to be missed are the UKHO ECDIS seminars, which are designed to ensure that the navigational
benets of ECDIS are achieved in an ecient and compliant manner but will also demonstrate how ECDIS goes beyond compliance. Titled “Implementing ECDIS” and “Living with ECDIS”, the two seminars will take place every day from Tuesday 7/6 to Thursday 9/6 in the UKHO sponsored Posidonia Seminar Room 3.

Finally on Friday 10th, the last day of the programme, two more seminars will attract the interest of the maritime community present at the Posidonia 2016. The Hellenic Management Association will oer an interactive course titled ‘Master The Seas’ through a marine management framework designed by EFQM and The Carbon War Room will organise a panel discussion that explores the technological and nancial opportunities for applying green solutions to the international maritime eet. The inaugural Young Executives Shipping (YES) Forum, sponsored by Posidonia, will highlight potential
career opportunities in the maritime sector for young professionals and graduates, both at sea and ashore. The YES Forum aims at serving as an open and long-lasting dialogue among the principals and decision makers of the shipping Industry and university students.


Sims Pump Valve Company, which manufactures SIMSITE® structural composite pumps and pump parts, which never corrode in sea water, is crossing the Atlantic from New Jersey to Athens in order to exhibit its products at Posidonia for the fth consecutive time. The pump specialist rm’s objectives include the identication of an agency that could potentially distribute its products in the Greek market, the showcasing of a proprietary patented pump technology and the launch of its latest Vertical In-Line Pumps for Marine Applications. “We have an excellent patented PUMP technology that never corrodes in sea water and we are looking for exposure into the Greek and surrounding markets.
We are also looking for agents or representatives in Greece as we would consider a joint
venture,” said John A. Kozel, President, SIMS.

A containerized ballast water trea
tment system demonstrated through a 3D experience will be the Posidonia 2016 highlight for Damen Shipyards Group, which clubs together an
international shipbuilding operation comprising 32 owned shipyards and numerous
partner yards. “Posidonia is a great event to meet up with your contacts in or around the
exhibition premises and also to meet new people in the nice setting that Greece oers. It is
all about people and Posidonia is the place to meet each other,” Peter de Kiewit – Sales
Manager East & South East Europe of the family-owned group which has built over 5,000
vessels worldwide and delivers up to 160 vessels annually.

Trader of marine and industrial products and services, Internaftiki, plans to promote
products and services and familiarise visitors with its brand name and product portfolio at
its ninth Posidonia participation. The Greek company will showcase its capabilities across a
diverse spectrum that includes environmental services in Chinese ports, repair composites
for marine use, monitoring and gauging equipment and re-ghting services. Nikolas
Skarpidis, CEO, said: “Posidonia is a vital component of our marketing strategy as we are
mainly targeting the Greek shipping market which constitutes a considerable percentage
of the global shipping industry.”

Panama’s Ministry of Trade and Industries is returning to Greece as a Posidonia exhibitor for the third time and has already reaped the benet of positioning Panama as a country
brand and leader in maritime services in front of a global captive shipping industry
audience. According to Luigi Gonzalez, Export Promoter and Market Analyst of the Ministry
of Trade and Industries, Posidonia is a vital marketing platform for Panama to promote
both its ship registration services and its logistics services for the Latin America region. At
Posidonia 2016 Panama’s Ministry of Trade and Industries will be presenting details from
the Panama Canal expansion project.

Greece’s leading provider of satellite telecommunications services for shipping companies
OTESAT Maritel is preparing for its tenth Posidonia participation this June where it plans to hold live demonstrations of a series of proprietary state-of-the-art information technology solutions specically designed for the ICT needs of the global maritime industry.
Demonstrations will include platforms oering optimization of corporate operational
procedures over dierent IP based broadband satellite systems to drastically reduce
corresponding costs for the maritime sector. “We look forward to Posidonia 2016 because
we will be able to showcase new products and services, get instant feedback on new
products, explore opportunities for new partnerships, establish new contacts and create
brand equity and awareness,” said Ioannis Birgalias, a spokesman of OTESAT Maritel which is a member of the OTE Group of Companies.

Toronto’s Key Marine, a sales and marketing specialist which provides technical expertise
that links North American manufacturers directly to the marine industry will be launching
the world’s rst 300mm hatch sealing tape and conduct technical installation sessions
throughout the course of Posidonia 2016. “Exhibitions are the only way to reach our clients
and the best forum for us to announce our new products and expertise is at a world class
exhibition like Posidonia. We nd that the size of the exhibition is just good enough and
does not create too many distractions to attendees so they can have quality visiting time
without rushing through,” said Mario Galindo, President of the Canadian company which
has already participated at Posidonia on eight previous occasions.

Cyprus-based Combijet Manufacturing, a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of
industrial cleaning and high pressure water blasting equipment plans to make waves at its
Posidonia debut with the launch of a Robotic heavy duty high pressure water blasting
equipment suitable for all vertical steel cleaning operations. Combijet will be presenting
‘The Robot’, the next generation of its innovative products oering signicant advantages
over the traditional methods of sand blasting to remove marine growth, industrial coating
and corrosion while being fast, safe and ecient. The company is also planning to open
new oces in Greece in order to better serve the local customers as well as neighbouring
countries. George Khasho, Business Development Manager, said: “We expect our
participation at Posidonia 2016 to enhance our customer relationships with current
customer as well as discuss with prospect ones about our services and products.”

For Athens-based Franman Ltd, a distributor of rst class marine equipment makers and a trading house, Posidonia is a great opportunity to promote its products and services to the global shipping industry, something it has been doing successfully at all 13 of its previous participations at the industry’s biggest biennial gathering. “Posidonia provides unique access to Greek and International shipowners and buyers. Due to its huge resonance we have the opportunity to renew our friendships, open new opportunities and network with the Greek and International shipping community. Exhibiting at the event brings direct returns in business done during and after Posidonia,” said Ms. Lila S. Micha, Marketing & P.R. Executive.

German marine safety service specialist Hatecke GmbH is preparing for its maiden
Posidonia journey during which it plans to showcase a new rescue boat release hook that is
ideal for eets equipped with conventional lifeboats. The company provides annual and
ve-year lifeboat and davit inspections, repairs, load test and spare parts to some cruise,
oshore and cargo ships. Mr. André Borstelmann, Sales Manager at Hatecke Service, said:
“We are really looking forward to introduce our lifeboat and davit production and service to
all interested visitors and are glad to be part of this year’s Posidonia.”

Greek Best Practice Consulting (BPC) will launch a new version of BPC Vessel Forms which
includes enhanced workow capabilities and Microsoft Azure support at its inaugural
appearance at the world’s most prestigious shipping event. The Posidonia rookie provides clients with consulting along with design, development, customization, installation and support services for complex enterprise IT systems and boasts extensive experience in Business Process Optimization (BPO), Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations. “Since Posidonia is the world’s most prestigious maritime event we decided it was the logical next step for BPC after proving our expertise, working with some of the world’s leading shipping companies. We expect it to have a great impact to our engagement with shipping and give us the opportunity to present our innovative vertical products to the right people in the industry,” said Yiannis Sovolakis CEO and Founding Member.

The Bodossaki Foundation, one of the largest privately owned public-benet
organisations in Greece, has set up a philanthropy centre called ‘Giving for Greece’, which
caters to the needs of individuals, charities and corporations. ‘Giving for Greece’ designs
fund-raising initiatives and programmes for individuals who do not want to incur the
burdens of setting up a charity or a foundation of their own. Moreover, its experienced
team of advisers helps corporations identify causes to support and also designs and
implements innovative corporate social responsibility programmes. “We provide
assistance and ensure that individuals or corporations full their philanthropic goals and
corporate social responsibility programmes eectively and transparently,” said Xenia
Papastavrou, Development & Coordination, “Giving for Greece”. Since its founding in 1973, the Bodossaki has administered more than €400m aiming to promote the provision of health care, education, environmental protection and the strengthening of civil society.

At its fourth Posidonia participation, Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) will unveil to
the world of shipping details of the recently launched Emirates Maritime Arbitration
Centre, an innovative programme designed to settle maritime disputes in the Middle East
in accordance with legal frameworks and independent regulatory controls. DMCA will also
highlight the Dubai Maritime Sector Strategy (MSS), a pioneering initiative designed to
regulate, develop and promote the maritime industry under the highest standards of
excellence, creativity, innovation, human investment and environmental protection
through the use of smart services and applications such as ‘Smart Customer,’ ‘Smart
Inspector,’ ‘Smart Exam,’ and ‘Smart Marine Trac’. Amer Ali, Executive Director, DMCA,
said: “Our participation is part of our steadfast commitment to cultivate stronger
communication channels, and exchanging knowledge and expertise with leading regional
and international personalities to further reinforce Dubai’s position as a global hub for
maritime activity following its highly competitive logistics services, investment
environment, advanced infrastructure and tax exemption.”


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