RYANAIR recognises VER.DI union for German based cabin crew


Ryanair announced that it has signed its third cabin crew union recognition agreement with Ver.di Union. Ver.di will now be the representative body for all directly employed Cabin Crew operating on Ryanair aircraft in Germany.

This cabin crew recognition agreement follows extensive negotiations with Ver.di and covers the German market. Ryanair looks forward to working with Ver.di and its Ryanair (Cabin Crew) Company Council to conclude an early CLA for Ryanair’s directly employed cabin crew based in Germany. This agreement follows Ryanair’s first cabin crew recognition deal with the Italian ANPAC/ANPAV unions and second cabin crew agreement with UNITE union in the UK.

Ryanair’s Chief People Officer, Eddie Wilson said:  

“We are pleased to sign this cabin crew recognition agreement with Ver.di in Germany. This is a further sign of the progress Ryanair is making with trade unions since our December 2017 decision to recognise unions, with over 60% of our cabin crew now covered by recognition agreements. We hope to announce further agreements over the coming weeks, in those countries where unions have approached these negotiations in a practical and positive manner. As this growing number of pilot and cabin crew recognition agreements confirms, we are making progress and confounding those sceptics who claimed that our December 2017 decision was not real or genuine. We look forward to working closely with both Ver.di, and their Company Council in negotiating a CLA for our directly employed German based cabin crew.”

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