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RYANAIR September traffic grows 11% to 13.1m customers


Ryanair, today (2 Oct) released September traffic statistics as follows:

  • Total traffic grew 11% to 13.1m with a 97% load factor
  • Ryanair traffic grew 6% to 12.6m customers with a 97% load factor
  • Lauda traffic was 0.5m customers with a 93% load factor
  • Two days of unnecessary pilot and cabin crew strikes (12 & 28 Sep) caused over 400 flight cancellations in September

Customers (LF)


Customers (LF)

Ryanair 11.8M (97%) 12.6M (97%) +6%
Lauda –               –   0.5M (93%)
Total 11.8M (97%) 13.1M (97%) +11%
 Ryanairs Kenny Jacobs said: 

“Ryanair’s September traffic (which includes Lauda traffic) grew by 11% to 13.1m customers, while our load factor was unchanged at 97%, on the back of lower fares. 

Regrettably, over 400 flights were cancelled in September because of two days of unnecessary pilot and cabin crew strikes in 5 countries, and repeated ATC staff shortages in the UK, Germany and France.

During the entire month of September, while we cancelled just over 400 flights, we completed over 68,000 scheduled flights with more than 80% of these flights arriving on time, as Ryanair continues to deliver the lowest fares, with the best punctuality of any major EU airline.”

Rescue fares

Ryanair, today (2 Oct), launched €24.99 rescue fares on its Athens – Billund route to accommodate customers affected by Primera Air cancelation of its Billund route from this month.

Ryanair customers can fly to and from Billund on the lowest fares, with the most on-time flights and most reliable service, and can look forward to further improvements, as Ryanair continues its “Always Getting Better” programme, which includes new routes, digital features, connecting flights and even lower fares.

These €24.99 low rescue fares are on sale now on the website, for travel between now and March 2019, but must be booked by midnight Thursday (4 Oct).

Ryanair’s Nikolas Lardis said:“Ryanair customers can continue to enjoy the lowest fares and most reliable service to and from Billund and we’ve released rescue fares to assist customers affected by the closure of Primera Air’s Athens – Billund route.

Customers can fly between Athens and Billund at fares starting from just €24.99 between now and March 2019 and these rescue fares are on sale now until midnight Thursday (4 Oct), only on the website. Customers should book quickly because these fares will be gone very soon – just like Primera Air’s route at Athens.”

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