Santorini Welcomes Danae Suites Boutique Hotel | Showstopping sea, sunrise, and sunset views in an all-suite hotel in Finikia


On the unique land of Santorini, just a breath away from the world-famous Oia and in a truly picturesque setting, the traditional settlement of Finikia, Danae Suites Santorini welcomes its sophisticated guests to a new world of pure serenity and authentic elegance.

True to its motto “Following the Cycladic Light”, this beautiful boutique hotel offers amazing sunrise and sunset views, charming its way into its guests’ hearts. Danae Suites Santorini is part of the vast Monterock International portfolio, which is continuously expanding its ongoing investments in the Cyclades. Danae Suites Santorini addresses the jaded contemporary traveller seeking for a graceful hideaway on this amazing volcanic island, somewhere to escape everyday city life, but at the same time paired with attentive and personalised services, as well as heart-warming views over the local vineyards and showstopping sunrise and sunset backdrops.

Cave-like Architecture & Unique Style

Danae Suites Santorini is an all-suite, boutique hotel showcasing traditional architecture style with a homey-chic ambiance and contemporary amenities. With utter respect to the natural surroundings and the traditional settlement of Finikia, its century-old cave houses have been transformed into modern havens of elegance and serenity for dreamlike holidays on the island of Santorini. Natural materials, design items, special lightning installations, arches and fluid forms have come to aid in order to create a cosy, yet stylish, setting, highlighting the characteristic elements of the local architecture and elevating the whole accommodation experience.

Your Personal Escape

The hotel presents guests with various suite types, each with its very own personality and style, including the imposing Cave Suites, the elegant Junior Jacuzzi Suites, the stunning Private Pool Suites, the romantic Honeymoon Suites, and the minimal-chic Deluxe Rooms, each one addressing different travelling and accommodation needs, but all sharing the most welcoming mentality and the low-key luxury element featured throughout the hotel. Generous indoor and huge outdoor spaces, beautiful bathrooms, sophisticated furnishings, earthy colour tones and an extent use of natural elements meet alfresco Jacuzzis, private plunge pools and breath-taking sea, sunrise, and sunset views, offering the perfect combination of grace and comfort all in one amazing suite package.

Life is a Pool

The social life of the hotel and its residents revolves around the lovely infinity pool with the comfy sunbeds and the shady umbrellas offering treasured moments of relaxation with an amazing sea view. Soaking up some famous Cycladic sun and cooling down in the crystal-clear pool water is the best way to spend your day at Danae Suites Santorini, while sipping on the fruit-forward cocktails and indulging in the delicious snacks coming from the pool bar all day long. The menu features eclectic regional dishes, based on the combination of the unique local ingredients coming directly from the land of Santorini. Of course, the numerous local restaurants, located just a few steps away from the hotel, offer guests various lunch and dining options any moment of the day or evening. No one should miss on the opportunity to sample some of Santorini’s unique wine varieties, as one of the island’s best local organic vineyards is stationed just opposite Danae Suites Santorini, and our team will be more than happy to organise an unforgettable wine tasting experience just for our guests’ palates. 

A Picturesque Traditional Settlement

Just a breath away from the world-famous Oia, Finikia is the absolute perfect choice for those seeking to explore the majestic island of Santorini without having to push their way out of the door through tourist-packed alleys on a daily basis. Here characteristic Cycladic architecture and flower-coloured yards meet glorious sea views, breath-taking sunrises and awe-inspiring sunsets, in an off-the-beaten-track traditional settlement where cars are not allowed to enter. With Oia located just a short walk away and the cosmopolitan Fira stationed just a 20-minute car ride far, Finikia is destined to become guests’ personal haven of serenity and peacefulness on the island of Santorini.

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