Siganos and Chnaris on the home straight now for KANIGOS 21 Hotel | The cost exceeds 25.000€


According to information, Haris Siganos by ZEUS INTERNATIONAL and Zaharias Chnaris by Chnaris Hotel Management, Development & Consulting, are the preferred investors for the property in Kanigos Square, which was operating as KANIGOS 21 Hotel.

According to well-informed sources, the property which at first was available for 30-year lease with a minimum rent of 21.000€ per month, is probably going to end up in one of the two above referred, with a rent exceeding 25.000€.

Mr. Haris Siganos | money tourism photo

The property belongs to TEA-EAPAE and it has been in competition since September 2018.

The building, with a total area of 3.501 square metres, is located on 21 Kanigos Street and 12 Chalkokondyli Street, in Athens. It remains closed since the end of 2010, when it was shut down due to the tenant’s inability to pay the rents.

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It is worth mentioning that ZEUS, either independently or in cooperation with WYNDHAM, demonstrates great mobility in the hotel market in Athens.

The consultant and organization of the tender procedure has been taken over by the real estate consultancy company DANOS, which had also undertaken the utilization of the property at the corner of Panepistimiou and Kriezotou Street. This building was finally leased to LAMPSA and it will operate under the control of ACCOR as MCGALLERY.

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