Sigma Residences: A new charming shelter in Sifnos


The brand new Sigma Residences are perfectly integrated, in an untouched location of 25 acres that offers serenity, seclusion and stunning views of the iconic Sifnos Castle and the Aegean Sea.

Sigma Residences, opened in July 2023 and is located in Exampela, near Apollonia, the capital of the island.

Signed by renowned engineer Gregory Skalistiras, the Sigma Residences hotel complex consists of nine self-contained residences, nestled in the ruggedly beautiful Cycladic environment.

It offers privacy but at the same time focuses on outdoor living, as all buildings have their own private terraces while others have a private swimming pool or Jacuzzi.

All the interiors and exteriors are decorated with original works of famous or emerging Greek artists, potters, sculptors, all from the owner’s private collection.

Each space is uniquely designed, with selected furniture in summer colors, state-of-the-art electrical appliances, comfortable beds and quality linens, as well as amenities and automation that respect a sustainable future.

Each residence has been named to reflect the rich heritage and spirit of Sifnos. From quaint cottages that borrow their name from charming villages to spacious villas inspired by traditional farming practices, the residences.

In detail the residences:

Themonia: the traditional stone haystack has been converted into luxury accommodation with a private swimming pool that can accommodate larger groups than the other houses. Ideal for 4-6 people, it has been reconstructed on the site of the site’s traditional incense house, a building where farmers used to store their farming tools and also used as a holiday home. Thymonia also has a private swimming pool for refreshing dips and sunbathing overlooking the iconic Sifnos Castle.
Kastro Retreat: named after the traditional settlement and adorned with artworks of famous Greek artists. It is a stunning two bedroom house with a large open plan living area with a fully equipped kitchen and dining area leading to a beautiful terrace, with stunning views of the Aegean Sea. In addition, it has a detached house ideal for a couple.

Kastro: An excellent house for 4-6 persons, with spacious living room, relaxed atmosphere, and stunning views of the settlement of Kastro, the Aegean Sea and the islands of Delos, Mykonos and Syros. It has a fully equipped, modern kitchen with a large dining table and two bedrooms with double en-suite bathrooms and quality toiletries, each with a private terrace.

Apollonia: A charming 45sqm house, ideal for a couple, it combines traditional charm with a modern, minimalist style.

Artemonas: the village of the first known cook and cookbook author in Greece gives the name to this fantastic 67 sq.m. maisonette, which can accommodate up to 3 people.

Exambela: borrowing its name from the small neighborhood near Apollonia, it offers a refined, luxurious atmosphere and an outdoor, private Jacuzzi.

Aloni: Built inside a traditional “threshing floor”, a place used by farmers a century ago to place the wheat, it is synonymous with privacy and seclusion. The large, airy outdoor space has been transformed into a Mediterranean garden where you can relax and enjoy the fantastic views.

Seralia Residence: the larger of the two cave houses, characterized by modern minimalism with traditional elements. The elegant decoration, artwork, smart layout and spacious terrace create a sense of freedom.Sigma Residences

Vrisi Residence: the only residence located right next to the magnificent swimming pool of Sigma Residences. An open-plan studio ideal for a couple looking for a welcoming, comfortable home with eclectic character and artwork.

The environment

The surrounding area and the hills that surround the well-kept area of Sigma Residences create many corners of relaxation, but also the feeling that you are in a traditional village of Sifnos but with a modern style and luxurious atmosphere.

The gardens and flowerbeds, filled with Mediterranean and aromatic plants give off their enchanting aromas and, combined with the salty sea breeze, create the perfect background for a summer escape.

The houses as well as the gardens follow the traditional architecture with whitewashed blocks and surfaces and natural stone which has been quarried from the area.

The cosy stone-built sitting room, Agnanti, on the edge of the main path is a focal point and enchants with its stunning views of the Castle and the Aegean Sea.

From the complex, access to the Castle and the church of Agios Ioannis is via the official walking path that starts from the accommodation, offering a beautiful escape.

Gym & Wellness

The jewel of Sigma Residences is the large infinity pool overlooking the picturesque landscape and the Castle.

It is surrounded by umbrellas and sunbeds, and for the comfort of guests, there are top quality XL size beach towels and sunscreens in each house.

A large outdoor gym, equipped with the latest machinery and equipment offers a unique wellness and exercise area in the most enchanting atmosphere, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

A special area under a pergola is offered for a refreshing massage by the hands of experienced therapists (service upon request and at an extra cost).

5-star service and top amenities

The wonderful and helpful staff discreetly offer their assistance with any queries, organise visits to local attractions or transfers to beaches or villages and, of course, deliver a daily breakfast basket full of local delicacies.

The fridges are stocked with Greek products such as wines, cheeses from Sifnos producers, vegetables from local farms, etc. There is a variety of goodies such as tahini, hazelnut spread, peanut butter, jams and, of course, honey that every visitor can enjoy during breakfast.


Guests have the opportunity to enjoy a private ride on the resort’s RIB-tender boat (10 meters long with 2*300 hp Suzuki engines) with a captain not only around the island of Sifnos but also the nearby islands of Kimolos, Milos and Polyeagos.

For those who want to take a long ride can explore other Cycladic islands such as Paros, Antiparos, Delos, Rinias, Mykonos and many more. Just ask our hosts and they will give you all the necessary information before you make your reservation.

The Sifnos

Based at Sigma Residences discover Sifnos

Most of the settlements are concentrated on the central plateau of the island and the oldest, the Kastro, is a typical example of Venetian architecture, which still retains its medieval character. Perched on a steep cliff on the eastern side of the island, it remains one of the most beautiful areas of Sifnos and an ideal spot to enjoy the sunset.

The wheels that turn

At one end of the thread stand the first Cycladic potters, almost 5,000 years ago. And at the other end, those who today turn the wheel in Sifnos. Jugs, pots, jars and chikalia have been spinning on the wheel for centuries, connecting ancient forms with the lines of today.

The island’s clay soil is the ideal raw material for potters. Discover their workshops, and take with you a clay pot, the perfect vessel for making a delicious Cycladic chickpea.

Flavors with the saltiness of the Aegean Sea

In the birthplace of the famous chef Nikolaos Tselementes you will taste, apart from the traditional chickpea, the “birds of Lambris”, the mastelo, the almonds, the famous loukoumia and the pasteli of the island. The taste of the place is fragrant and creates vivid memories.

Ancient paths

To enjoy the rare beauties of the Sifnos landscape, it is worth hiking along the intact ancient paths.

Just outside Sigma passes through one of the most famous paths leading to the castle.

One of the most interesting trails starts at Artemonas and ends at the Castle. From the neoclassical mansions and flowering gardens, Artemonas’ path passes through Panagia Poulati, the best fishing spot on the island, and ends at the impressive Castle.

A more difficult route, but one that compensates those who attempt it, starts from Glyfo and an impressive paved road leads to Apokofto beach and Chrysopigi, with its deep green waters.

On the roads of faith

There are a total of 227 churches on the island. Byzantine churches, tower churches, whitewashed chapels, scattered in the Sifnos land. All the churches of the Castle form a magical unity.

The Monastery of Prophet Elias Psilos, in Katavati, is the most important Byzantine monument of Sifnos and dates back to the 8th century AD. It is located on the highest peak of the island and offers a magnificent view all the way to Ikaria.

The monastery of Panagia Chrysopigi is built on the southeastern edge of the island of Sifnos, between the areas of Faros and Platis Gialos. It is an impressive monastery that seems to emerge from the waters of the Aegean Sea. This church is a landmark for the island and since 1964 it has been considered the patron saint and protector of Sifnos.

The construction of the monastery dates back to 1615 and its original purpose was to accommodate the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary. Since 1760 the monastery has been operating as a branch of the monastery of Vrisiani. The name “Chrysopigi” is due to the monk Parthenios Chhreitis, who chose it in honour of the previous monastery where he lived before coming to Sifnos, Chrysopigi in Chania, Crete.

The Fryktories of the Aegean

Fifty-five ancient towers are scattered all over the island. Built from the 6th to the 3rd century BC, they functioned as fryktories, sending smoke and fire signals to the ancient citadels. The best preserved tower of Sifnos is the White Tower, on the road to Platys Gialos.Sigma Residences

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