“Speak Athenian. Be an Athenian.” The awarded campaign for Athens “comes to life” this year at the airport and in the city!


Launched last December and already twice awarded, the digital campaign for Athens “Speak Aθenian. Be an Aθenian.”, designed and implemented by the Athens International Airport and Marketing Greece, now brings the Athenian experience “to life”!

daa1Aiming to promote Athens and its dynamics as a city break destination, the campaign reveals the unique match of the city’s diverse attractive faces, its historical profile and distinctive modern character, through a creative synthesis of Greek and English words; additionally, the campaign’s activation within 2016 through a series of actions and initiatives at the airport and in the city, will be “telling the story of the live Athenian experience”!

This is the new “lexicon of Athens” and the Calendar of events at the airport and in Athens, during 2016: 

“Aphrawdite”, “Hipstoricαl” April

“Ouzology” May

“Theatricult” June

“Lunchphoria” July

“Ecstasea” August

“Atheniants” September

“Coolouri” October

“Marathrone” November

“Bistrocracy” December


APRIL 2016: The activation of the campaign begins with… «Aphrawdite» and «Hipstorical»!

daa2Premiering the activation of the campaign with a pantomime live event at the airport on April 22nd, the first 2 concepts, “Aphrawdite” and “Hipstorical”, will “give life” to the campaign, through a series of initiatives. Reflecting the “heartbeat” of the city, its unique history, modern life and urban culture, the actual experience will include art events, competitions, discounts and offers at airport and city shops, discounts at museums and museum shops, “Athenian” cocktails and even…”hipstorical” hairdressings and styling  at selected city spots – all in cooperation with tourism authorities and organizations.

On the occasion of the campaign’s activation, AIA Communications & Marketing Director, Ioanna Papadopoulou, said: “From “Aphrawdite” to “Hipstorical” and the “Atheniants”, from “Bistrocracy” to “Marathrone” and  “Theatricult”, our initially 10 ( out of a total of 30) concepts comprising our campaign, reveal  the many, exciting, and diverse faces of Athens, a city that safeguards its history but at the same time evolves and offers a “personal experience”  deriving from its unique DNA.

The Athens International Airport and Marketing Greece, invite our visitors all year long, to discover the Athenian identity, at the airport and in the city; the “new language” created, leads visitors to find their own “Athenian DNA”, in the history, the city life, the flavours, and the everyday Athenian experience!

On this occasion, I would like to warmly thank all our partners, starting from the airport shops, our airlines, and partners’ network in Athens, for their valuable contribution in….”speaking Athenian” and then… “being Athenian!”

Marketing Greece Managing Director, Iossif Parsalis, said on the cooperation with the AIA and the campaigns distinctions: “The ‘Speak Aθenian. Be an Aθenian’ campaign is the continuation of an excellent cooperation between two partners who share a common vision for the promotion of Athens as a city break destination. The fact that even more visitors will learn to speak ‘Athenian’ this year, through creative actions designed and implemented jointly with the Athens International Airport, brings us closer to achieving our strategic goal of further penetration into new European market segments. The two awards that the campaign has received from leading institutions of tourism and communication business sectors, recognize these efforts and encourage us to set even higher goals”.

The awards

Speak Aθenian. Be an Aθenian.” has already received 2 significant awards: the Gold award at the Tourism Awards 2016 in the category Branding – Integrated Marketing Campaign and the Ermis Bronze award, in the category Digital, Web Campaigns, Travel, Tourism, Entertainment & Leisure.

The campaign was designed based on  surveys and research on the Athens’ tourism product carried out by Marketing Greece and the Athens International Airport and constitutes the third phase and evolution of the “trilogy” that started with “PerhaΨ you’re an AΘenian too!” , followed by the “I’m an Athenian too” campaign.

During this process, participants first “acknowledged” their Athenian identity, then became “Aθenian” and now through their live Athenian experience, they are intrigued to speak “Aθenian”!

The campaign is being held under the auspices of the City of Athens with the support of the Athens-Attica & Argosaronic Hotel Association, Aegean Airlines and Swiss.

The campaign videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yQQ93ejjkw


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