Special offers from TUI and Schauinsland-Reisen due to … FTI


TUI and Schauinsland-Reisen are the first tour operators in the German market to react to the insolvency of FTI by offering special offers to the travelling public.

As far as TUI is concerned, from now on, no deposit is required for all new bookings made by 30 June 2024 with departure by 31 October 2024 – regardless of whether customers are affected by the FTI bankruptcy or not.

In addition, renegotiations with hoteliers for additional capacity are underway. According to the head of TUI Germany, Stefan Baumert, attractive offers will be put together again in the coming days in the destinations.

TUI, from 4 to 11 June, is also offering the so-called promotion code “Sun300”, which can be used for new bookings until 22 December 2024. Up to 300 euros can be saved on package bookings, according to the Hanover-based company. For hotel-only bookings, there is a discount of up to 150 euros. The offer is valid for selected hotels or holiday packages worldwide.

However, TUI will not take over existing FTI bookings. This also applies to Schauinsland, citing the “high organisational effort required”.

Instead, ‘customers and travel agents who contact him will be offered the opportunity to re-book their trip with Schauinsland-Reisen’. In return, the tour operator is offering reduced cancellation fees ‘so that customers can re-book with peace of mind and be reimbursed for payments already made for the FTI trip through the German Travel Insurance Fund.

The fund has a deadline to refund payments within four to six weeks. It remains to be seen whether this deadline can be met, given the extent of FTI’s bankruptcy.

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