SURVEY: Americans prefer domestic family holidays and air travel this summer


A strong trend among American travelers toward leisure travel, family vacations and air travel reveals a new survey that shows the majority of travelers are choosing to travel within the United States.

According to a survey by Allianz Partners USA, which examined the summer travel plans and purchasing behavior of nearly 5,000 clients of the travel insurance and assistance company, 65% of respondents plan to vacation within the United States. Meanwhile, Europe attracts 17% of travelers, while Mexico, the Caribbean and Hawaii attract 10% of those seeking a summer getaway.

Whether staying in the U.S. or heading abroad, for many, family travel stands out as a primary goal, with 42% of respondents saying their summer travel will revolve around spending quality time with loved ones. Solo travel accounts for 20% of Americans’ travel plans, getaways with friends make up 15% and romantic trips for two are planned by 14%.

Making the most of leisure time is also an important priority for 87% of travellers, while only 3% travel for business and 10% combine business and leisure.

56% of respondents prefer air travel as a means of transport. Meanwhile, 11% will use their own vehicle, 4% will use a rental car and 3% will travel by train or bus. Sea transport, including riverboats, explorer ships and cruise ships, account for 7% of summer trips. In addition, 19% of survey participants plan to use a combination of these modes of transport.

In terms of accommodation, 40% of travellers will stay in hotels and resorts, while 23% will stay with family and friends this summer. Meanwhile, 7% of respondents said they will opt for short-term rentals such as Airbnb, 4% will stay in a private holiday home and 9% will travel on cruise ships or riverboats. A combination of accommodation options will be used by 19% of travellers.

In keeping with this year’s “gig-tripping” trend, many US travelers are taking trips to ensure they get to see their favorite performers who have returned to tour after the pandemic. As it turns out, 34% plan to attend a theatre performance or show and 22% are looking forward to concerts or music festivals. Other popular activities include visiting theme or water parks (17%), staying in retreats for health or wellness (15%), attending sporting events (15%), attending weddings (14%) or travelling for business (13%).

Given these concerns, many travellers place a high value on obtaining travel insurance. An impressive 78% of Allianz Partners customers surveyed said they are likely to secure travel protection again for future trips.

“It’s heartwarming to see travelers so eager to reconnect with their loved ones this summer while finding time for the rest and relaxation that so many Americans desperately need,” said Daniel Durazo, director of external communications for Allianz Partners USA.

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