What is happening and what we claim from Booking and Expedia | All that the Santorini Hoteliers Association reports

The president of the Santorini Hoteliers Association, Mr. Antonis Pagonis, reacts to the new charges of Booking and Expedia, seeking legal action and negotiations. The positions of the Santorini Hoteliers Association were made known and informed the POX by its president Mr. Antonis Pagoni, referring to the issue that has arisen with the new charges […]

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XEE: Stop the unfair practices of Booking | Satisfaction with the decision of the EU

XEE welcomes the European Commission’s decision to designate Booking as an “access gatekeeper platform” under the Digital Marketplaces Act (DMA), thus obliging it to comply with all obligations and prohibitions arising from this designation within the next six months. According to complaints from European hotels, the platform has taken advantage of its dominant position by […]

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Emirates Holidays: strong reaction to 25% honeymoon cost increase

Emirates Holidays is causing confusion, as it announces a 25% cost increase for the honeymoon package. In particular, a tour operator is reacting to the cost increase, as the announcement is made one week after the booking is confirmed. The Personal Holiday Advisor said he was told the return flight was no longer available, so […]

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Zeus International Hotels & Resorts: new hotels and upgraded accommodation experiences | Further expansion plans in Greece and abroad | Investments of €80 million in 2023

-The Group proceeded with the implementation of investments for the upgrading of its hotel infrastructure and services in Greece and abroad, amounting to €80 million -Plans for new units in Italy, Cyprus and Greece, through acquisitions or macro leases. -Positive booking outlook for 2024, towards a turnover of €70 million and EBITDA of €30-35 million […]

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Skyscanner: travellers are turning to 80-90 day bookings | Athens sees the biggest increase in travel duration

The shift of travellers towards early planning and booking windows of 60-89 days and 90+ days is seen in Skyscanner’s new Horizons report for the June-August 2024 summer quarter, which also reveals that well-known Greek destinations dominate the most popular destinations searched on Skyscanner by EMEA travellers. While Athens shows the largest increase in the […]

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Top OTAs invest record amounts in advertising | What Expedia, Booking, Airbnb and Trip.com have spent

A staggering €15.4 billion was spent on marketing and advertising activities by Expedia Group, Booking Holdings, Airbnb and Trip.com Group together in 2023, an increase of 20% compared to the previous year. Financial figures from four of the world’s largest online travel agencies show that they spent a record amount of money on promoting their […]

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€530 million fine $ in Booking in Spain | Inquiry in Greece | EUR 276 million $ fine and in the Netherlands!

-Facing a hefty fine of €530 million. $ is Booking Holdings by Spanish regulators for violations of competition principles in its commercial practices. This fine comes after a fine of EUR 276 million. $ in the Netherlands, while there are questions about the investigation of the Competition Commission in Greece into Booking’s practices. It is […]

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Jet2holidays adds hundreds of thousands of Free Child Place holidays

Ahead of what is expected to be a busy weekend for customers booking family holidays, Jet2holidays, the UK’s largest tour operator, has today added hundreds of thousands of Free Child Place holidays across the 2024 school holidays. The additions are on top of millions of Free Child Place Holidays that are already available. As a […]

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Civitatis sets sights on 50% global growth for 2024

With an unwavering focus on relentless expansion, Civitatis, the leading technological platform for booking Spanish-speaking activities, day trips, guided tours, and excursions worldwide –both in the B2C and B2B channels– is aiming for an ambitious 50% global growth in travellers 2024. This news follows the company’s recent announcements of reaching a milestone of 10 million […]

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Gettin’ the Groove Back: Booking.com’s 7 Predictions for the Triumphant Return of Travel in 2022

Along with practically every aspect of our lives, the course of travel has been redefined repeatedly over the past year and a half, with seismic shifts propelling us towards a continuously evolving version of the ‘new normal.’ A deepening and increasingly complex relationship with technology, a heightened awareness of the human impact on the planet […]

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