Over 10,000 Russian travelers to Cyprus in 2024

Cyprus is expected to welcome more than 10,000 organized Russian travelers this year, according to Attica Holidays. It is certain that this figure does not represent the tourist flows from Russia that visited Cyprus before, before the Russia-Ukraine war. It is recalled that in 2019, Russians made 782,000 trips to Cyprus, which accounted for a […]

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Tourism: tripled demand for package holidays in Cyprus by Russian Express

The demand in the Russian market for package tours to Cyprus from Russian Express, the only major tour operator that occupies all seats on Jazeera Airways flights to Larnaca this summer, has tripled. Bookings, since the start of sales, have also seen a three-fold increase in demand compared to last year. The main reasons are […]

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Fires for Greece and Cyprus highlighted the heatwave

People have been forced to evacuate their homes as fires hit areas of Paphos in Cyprus, where a temperature warning is in place for temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius. Two firefighting aircraft were sent from Greece to help fight the fires. The first heat warning of the summer in Greece was issued as […]

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THANOS HOTELS & RESORTS: The new luxury Amyth of Mykonos opens on May 1st | Super Paradise

After a year of successful presence in the Greek hotel industry and the operation of the first five-star Amyth in Agios Stefanos, Mykonos, Cyprus’ leading luxury hospitality group Thanos Hotels and Resorts is expanding its footprint in Greece with a second “Amyth” in Mykonos, in the popular location of Super Paradise. The group announced a […]

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EXCLUSIVE: HotelBrain enters the Cypriot market with 4 hotels | Created by HotelBrain Cyprus

HotelBrain, the largest hotel group in Greece, with more than 100 privately owned -through long-term leases- hotels in its portfolio, is now expanding its activity in Cyprus, following the successful model of long-term leasing of hotel units. According to exclusive information from MONEY & TOURISM, the first 4 hotels, with a total capacity of 306 […]

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TUI: Season kick-off in Cyprus, New Boeing 737-8 named “Larnaca”

Just in time for the start of the summer season, Cyprus is getting a new flying ambassador. Larnaca, the most important region of Cyprus for TUI vacationers from all over the world, is the namesake for TUI fly’s new Boeing 737-8. In Cyprus today, the aircraft with flight number X3 4564 was greeted with water […]

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Cyprus: Tourist arrivals +208,7% in August 2021

The arrivals of tourists in Cyprus reached 321.858 in August 2021, recording an increase of 208,7% compared to August 2020 (during which 104.261 arrivals were recorded), and a decrease of 41,9% compared to August 2019 (with 553.845 arrivals). For the period of January – August 2021, arrivals of tourists totaled 960.150 compared to 424.850 in […]

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Cyprus lifts travel bans for 56 countries

Cyprus is now ready to welcome travelers from various countries, after having successfully dealt with the Covid-19 epidemic. According to a statement from Cyprus government, “Cyprus lifts travel bans for 56 countries. After a year of great uncertainty for all of us, in which the travel and tourism industries have been hit more than any […]

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Jet2 suspends flights to Cyprus up to 16th August due to entry requirements

Jet2 announced recently that it will suspend flights to Cyprus up to 16th due to the entry requirements. Specifically, the announcement states that the flights to Larnaca and Paphos will be suspended until the aforementioned date and the Cypriot government is urged to review its entry criteria in line with other destinations. Jet2’s customers will […]

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