Promotion of Rhodes in the Dutch and Belgian markets | Gastronomic tour of the island

The fantastic nature of the island, the sights of Rhodes, the history and culture of the island, the monuments, the Medieval Town, the kindness of the inhabitants, the unique Rhodian hospitality and the traditional flavours of the island, composed the wonderful experience lived in Rhodes, which was visited for the first time, from 20-24 April […]

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Airbus takes Boeing’s customers | Gaining market share in Asia

Airbus has secured two large orders from the flagship carriers of Japan and South Korea, giving the European manufacturer a strategic victory in markets traditionally skewed towards rival Boeing. In particular, Airbus has secured orders to supply 65 aircraft from Boeing’s two major customers in Asia, with Japan Airlines, the second largest airline in Japan […]

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Photo by Léonard Cotte on Unsplash

ETC: Long-haul travel sentiment to Europe improves depite high global inflation

The desire for overseas travel in 2023 has increased significantly in large travel markets compared to a year ago. Over 60% of potential travellers in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, and the US intend to travel long-haul in 2023, with Europe being top of mind. Travel sentiment to Europe in the first four months of the […]

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