Russian tour operators interested in Cyprus hotels

Russian tour operators seem to be highly interested in collaborating with Cyprus hotels, which are now available, following Thomas Cook bankruptcy. According to Russian Express, as ATORUS, the Association of Russian tour operators claims, no crisis followed the Thomas Cook bankruptcy and the island survived the turbulence. Also, more hotels in the area were made […]

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Tour Operators announced their summer programs to Greek Crete

Market participants noted a significant intensification of demand for Greek Crete for the coming summer. Thus, according to TEZ Tour and ANEX Tour, pre-sale of trips to Crete in the mid of January increased two times against the same period of the last year. “Biblio Globus” and “Pegas Touristik” also noted the growth of early […]

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Russian experts to arrive in Egypt next week to negotiate aviation safety issues

The next visit of the Russian experts to Sharm el-Sheikh airport on air safety issues will take place in the coming week, Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov told representatives of the United Russia faction in the State Duma (lower house of the Russian parliament). “In April, even in the coming week, we will send specialists […]

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Romania aims to attract thousands of Russian tourists this year

The relationship between Turkey and Russia is not what you would call “rosy” lately. The multiple incidents involving Russian military airplanes allegedly violating Turkish airspace have increased the tension between the two countries. Besides, tourism was also badly hit by regional uncertainties and the Russian crisis, which might lead to Turkey losing as many as […]

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