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Ranking the World’s Best Cities for Newlyweds in 2021|Athens among them

A new study reveals the top cities for newlyweds to consider, based on the elements that are the most important to new married couples. Taking a list of the 34 most-visited cities around the world,  “Purely Diamonds”  scored each city based on Average Rent, Utilities (including 60mbps Internet), Safety, Climate, Pollution, Essentials (Bread, Milk, Eggs), […]

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Tourists are less sensitive to higher prices in more crowded destinations, according to new study

A new study from Queen Mary University of London has shown that chronic and temporary crowding experiences lead to tourists being less sensitive to higher prices. The findings also show that marketing and promotional discounts are less effective in areas with more crowding. The research paper, published in the Journal of Travel Research, included one […]

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Harvard Business Review: Female Travelers Book Earlier, Saving Their Companies Millions

Women are the planners. So it’s no surprise that when the Harvard Business Review this week took a look at the booking patterns of men and women traveling for work, it found women plan their trips an average of two days earlier than men. More surprising is that the two extra days of planning saved their companies […]

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