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TEMES Group presents the 3rd sustainability report, …


Temes Group publishes the 3rd Sustainability Report, which presents the Group’s activities during 2017, based on GRI standards – Global Reporting Initiative and AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard.

According to the Group’s strategy for the sustainable tourist development, all the actions and the results reflect the harmonisation with the UN’s 17 SDGs.

Sfaktiria-Islet-navarino-640x960Sustainable tourist development plays an important role on the conformation of the UN’s “Agenda 2030”, along with the 17 SDGs, to which the tourism contributes directly and indirectly.

Since its establishment, TEMES has adopted a policy of tourist development that respects and promotes the environment and the natural wealth of the regions in which it operates, strengthens the local economy, and points out the culture, the history and the local traditions.

In Costa Navarino, one of the largest tourist projects in Europe, the above principles apply to company’s all areas of activities: economic, working, environmental, social. The results demonstrate that the implementation of such an operation policy is of value to its associates, employees and partners, and, of course, it is recognized by guests.

Stephanos Theodoridis
money tourism copyright
money tourism copyright

On the occasion of the Sustainability Report, Mr. Stephanos Theodoridis, Vice President and TEMES Managing Director, said: “For third year, we present our actions with measurable results, making TEMES and Costa Navarino sustainable tourist development models.

Harmonisation with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals is an one-way street for global tourism and we are proud of the fact that the model we have followed has a positive impact on every aspect of our operation”.

Here you can read the Report in detail or open it in flipbook.


TEMES Group operates in the development and management of high-quality tourist destinations.


Costa Navarino is one of the biggest tourist investments in the Mediterranean. It consists of five separate tourist development areas in a total area of 10,000 acres, including five-star hotels, signature golf courses, international-standard spa, conference centres and luxurious residences.

The Group also owns the 50% of Ionian Hotel Enterprises SA, the owner of a historic and emblematic property in the Centre of Athens, managed by Hilton and operated under the name Hilton of Athens.

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