The “5 Gold Anchors Platinum” for Flisvos Marina by the Global Gold Anchor Scheme


Marina Flisvos (at Paleo Faliro, in Greece) was honored with the very important “5 Gold Anchors Platinum” distinction, the highest accreditation of the Global Gold Anchor Scheme, which distinguishes the marina among the most remarkable marinas of the world.

Flisvos Marina is the second mega-yacht marina in Europe to receive the Platinum accreditation, and simultaneously the first marina to have more than 5 Gold Anchors in the Southeastern Mediterranean. This accreditation recognizes the exceptional premises of Flisvos Marina, as well as its excellent service to customers and visitors.

The special award ceremony took place on Saturday, October 27, 2018, to the floating Museum “Neraida” at the marina’s premises, with the parallel completion of the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference 2018, which took place in Greece from 25 to 27 October.

LAMDA Flisvos Marina A.E. Managing Director, Stavros Katsikadis said: “This accreditation is of great importance to us, as it recognizes the continuous effort of our marina to demonstrate the high quality of yachting services in Greece. Through this, it is now proven that Flisvos Marina is one of the most distinguished marinas in the world, a perfect example of operation for customers and visitors too. Being the second marina in Europe to have won this accreditation is a testament to our commitment to efforts that aim the continuous improvement of our facilities, services and benefits”.

Mr. Katsikadis continued mentioning: “I would like to thank the marina’s team who worked hard to reach the level of platinum accreditation. In its 16-year period of operation, Flisvos Marina has gained the trust of the marine tourism industry and the recognition of both the Greeks and the foreign yatchmen and visitors. To conclude, today’s distinction proves something else too: that we can develop excellent marinas in Greece, as long as we all share the same vision and work altogether”.


The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) General Manager, Jon White, commented: “I am very pleased to confirm the Global Marina Accreditation award of “5 Gold Anchor Platinum” to Flisvos Marina. And I would like to congratulate Stavros Katsikadis and his marina team for this significant achievement. To achieve this level of accreditation Flisvos Marina was required to achieve an almost perfect score in each of the 89 separate Gold Anchor criteria covering all areas of the marina operations with a particular focus on customer service. Since 2014, significant improvements have been made at the marina and following the assessment in June 2017, Flisvos team worked hard on some final key actions required to succeed in achieving this demanding standard. Once more, congratulations to Flisvos Marina which joins a very small number of extremely high-quality marinas worldwide accredited as 5 Gold Anchor Platinum”.


Marina Industries Association (MIA) CEO, Colin Bransgrove commented: “What is most pleasing is the marina’s obvious commitment and focus on continual improvement that has resulted in achieving such a high result. The determination exhibited by the marina to achieve this result is a credit to the team at the marina and an inspiration for others to emulate”.

To receive the accreditation, Flisvos Marina was requested to meet all the demanding criteria set by the Global Gold Anchor Scheme and has carried out a 15-months intensive program to upgrade its facilities and services. As a result, Flisvos Marina has managed to have an extremely high score, which exceeded 95% in all of the following six categories:

  • Ambience
  • Planning, Policies and Procedures
  • Customer service
  • Environmental issues
  • On water facilities and infrastructures
  • On shore facilities and infrastructures

We should also mention that, for the “5 Gold Anchors Platinum” accreditation, the following key factors should also be ensured:

  • Marina ambience through first class building design, fixtures, fitting and features and complimentary upland landscaping including plants, shrubs and trees
  • Servicing the customer through a dedicated concierge team, providing for every need of yacht owners, guests and crew
  • Exceptionally high-quality customer facilities, including individual excellently appointed bathroom units providing a luxury experience for customers

The Global Gold Anchor Scheme is one of the world’s leading maritime accreditation institutions, created in 2013 and jointly administered by The Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA) and the Marina Industries Association (MIA). Its purpose is to help marinas around the world differentiate themselves from competition and improve their efficiency and overall performance, evaluate them and ensure high operating standards that ultimately improve their business processes and offer excellent services and benefits to guests and visitors of a marina.

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