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TUI Germany: Book your summer vacation 2021 now


TUI Germany is now releasing its summer 2021 program for booking in the systems. Over 100 hotels of the TUI hotel brands and concepts as well as further 10,000 accommodations can be booked through travel agencies and online.

“Vacationers who have had to do without their planned trips now have the option of booking the summer after next with TUI in addition to the summer and winter of this year. Our guests benefit from greater flexibility when planning their trips. This makes it easier to plan, especially for those who rely on vacation times”, says Marek Andryszak, CEO of TUI Germany.

The world’s leading tour operator focuses primarily on the popular holiday regions around the Mediterranean such as Spain, Greece, and Egypt, but around 2,000 hotels in Germany, Austria, Italy, and Croatia are already available today. Popular destinations such as Thailand and Tanzania are almost completely bookable for long-distance travel. Among the more than 10,000 hotels that can be booked, there are many TUI brands. For example, all clubs from TUI Magic Life and Robinson are available, as well as numerous hotels of the brands TUI Blue, TUI Suneo and RIU, but also partner hotels from Atlantica and JAZ. In addition, the majority of the popular TUI Kids Club concept hotels are activated in the systems. Grupotel and other hotels and resorts that can be booked exclusively at TUI will gradually be added in the next few days.

“As the first German tour operator, we are already offering our guests the opportunity to book the summer after next in a wide range. The Germans love to travel and want to plan their time out. With our loyalty campaign and early-bird discounts for your next vacation, you also receive an attractive bonus that offers additional incentives. We can see that this is well-received from the increasing demand, ” says Marek Andryszak.

Anyone booking a TUI trip between May 2020 and April 2021 will receive a discount of up to EUR 100 per person. The loyalty bonus applies to the entire program of the tour operator. Early birders also benefit from early-bird discounts, for example the TUI Magic Life clubs are up to 20 percent cheaper.

The summer program can be booked both in the TUI travel agencies and online. The branches are currently closed, but the travel experts are still there for their customers and advise by phone and email.

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