UNHCR accepted the positions for protection of tourist zones of refugees


The Mayor’s point of view concerning the protection of every touristic area by the presence of refugees, was fully accepted by the UN Refugee Agency in Greece.
On Wednesday May 11th, the Mayor of Katerini, Mr. Savvas Chionidis, the senior representative of Southern Europe, Mr. Giovanni Lepri and senior executives of the UN Refugee Agency in Greece attended a meeting in Athens, regarding the management of the refugee issue.
Mr. Chionides, representing Municipality of Katerini, expressed his concerns to the officers of the UN Refugee Agency in Greece and they fully accepted his point of view regarding the protection of touristic areas from the effects of the refugee problem.
What should be emphasized is that none of the hotels or the apartments rented in the touristic coastal area of Katerini, will provide accommodation to refugees. Therefore the issues that had arisen after the settlement of refugees in a regional hotel no longer exist.

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